Range: Questions about using a laptop, tablet and phone whilst scanning

Hi, just got my Range so keen to try it out. I have some questions about the devices I use with the scanner.

If I use the iOS or Android app to scan is there any drop in quality from what is captured? I’m not talking about post processing, specifically I want to know if scanning connected to my laptop as opposed to my Galaxy S8+ tablet or iPhone 12 Pro results in a better scan?

Once the scan is done on the mobile device. I believe the best result are from transferring to the laptop and post process on there?

Is android better for scanning than iOS which can only use Wifi where I can use USB-C with my tablet?


If you capture only the RAW data without processing on your mobile device and you bring it to your computer to process then you get the best quality , Range computer meshing have the highest level of 7 , on mobile devices the processing results is minimalistic .

Not really , both works optimal

Don’t process your scans on your mobile device , after scanning just stop it and return to home , your project will be saved as RAW and can be imported to RS5 on your computer for the best processing quality and editing .


Fantastic. Thank you for answering all my questions so quickly


You welcome , any time …

I was asking for this mobile feature for a very long time as it is not always convenient to hold a laptop or tablet in one hand while scanning especially if you are on the way . Now it is all possible again .

I tested both speed and quality with the latest versions and both provide exactly the same results to the distance of the frame cells .

Great to know. Yes with the Range you need to be able to move around. This is a must have feature for me. I intend to design a mount for my tablet but that’s because I can use the larger screen when scanning.

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This is really interesting, does that mean the RAW data that transfers with the project after processing, when transferring from phone to computer, is different to the RAW data if transferred from the phone to computer before processing ?

Hi @Gary

The project structure changes after processing on the phone , not to mention the fused point cloud and mesh are very much simplified.
The RAW data is not altered , but processing files on the phone is just a waste of time .
Before we had no choice , now we can just scan and go .

Is there a difference between scanning on a PC and Mac laptop?

I’ve only used a PC Laptop and the software does like to lag.

Is it ram related?

The only plus I see from going Mac, especially an M2 Mac and the Object Capture API for the option of using photogrammetry if the Range meets a limitation with what I’m trying to capture.

Not on my PC workstation or tablet PC , it all depends on what kind of laptop you are using , not every computer or laptop is the same . And definitely no less than 16GB of RAM … on PC I would say 32GB would be good to have when working on this size of models .

I don’t use Mac so can’t tell you

P.S I saw other user feedback that use both PC and Mac and they said PC was better …

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