Mobile scanning: pros of using a more powerful smartphone?

I’ve been doing mobile scanning using Revopoint scanners and a Galaxy S phone for a while, and I’m considering switching to a new phone.
Basically, I would switch from a S10 to a S23.

I sometimes post-process scans on the photo (this way, if the end result seems to have issues, I usually re-scan the subject) and a new phone would probably help improve post-processing time.

I know it won’t really affect the scanning framerate, but I was wondering if other parts of the process might be improved.

  • any chance a faster phone might also improve the tracking quality during the scan?
  • will it improve the way the point cloud is displayed (more points, less lag during scanning)?
  • does anyone has any experience with this kind of situation? Did you upgrade a phone that was a few years old, and did it have an impact on mobile scanning? How?

I’ve not noticed any difference in tracking quality or display lag when switching from a pretty low-end Samsung Tab A (2020) to an iPad Mini 6.
I suppose there is a point where the device isn’t powerful enough to do the tracking and display properly but that point is pretty low.
The main benefit from the newer devices is more RAM. More RAM means more points and more frames before the phone gets bogged down and stops.
Fusion and meshing speed will be significantly better on a newer device though. I would advise against doing this other than for a quick check of the model in the field as the fusion quality is considerably lower on mobile devices. Much better to transfer to a PC / Mac and do the fusion there.

Thanks for the feedback, @Rilot !

Unfortunately my old device already has 8GB of RAM, and there won’t be any improvement if I switch to a S23 (unless I by a S23 Ultra, which would also provide a bigger screen, but it is much more exensive).

Indeed, the quality is much lower when post-processing using a mobile device. I really only want to use it to check if everything seems to be ok when scanning on location, so that I can make sure I won’t have to come back. :wink:

I actually included a mobile/PC postprocessing comparison in my INSPIRE showcase video, at 3’57’': the difference is jaw-dropping.

Faster phone processor and RAM will help in faster data flows , reducing interruptions in tracking vs movement, it will not affect direct tracking , since tracking is strictly related to objects features , it is visual process , not mechanical .

No it will not display more as you see right now … however it will help with drag especially if the model is huge or you have lots of frames

I switched to PC/Win tablet , tired of Android devices , moving stuff back and forth.
Invest in a good PC/Tablet with Intel processor , get yourself a fast USB stick and scan directly to it so you can move your projects from one device to another by just plug it in without the need of importing and exporting .

And if you really need a phone , look for one that have more than 8GB RAM, at least 250GB space and good fast processor.
However for that price you can find PC/Tablets already

A PC/Win tablet would be much more powerful, but like the idea of sticking with a small form-factor rig.
I’m actually even trying to downsize the default mobile rig, by putting the battery handle behind the smartphone, not under it. (more on that later on, I’ll post pictures if I can make something practical)

Thanks for the information!

Since you can probably duplicate a project between smartphones by copying the project folder, I’ll do some benchmarks when I switch phones, and share the results here: this could help other people get an idea of whether or not they should upgrade.

More RAM on your phone and free space will help you better in the whole process , I can tell a difference between 6 and 8 GB already , less lag while scanning and jumping when scanning bigger objects like 2 m in size so definitely helping .

Then I guess waiting a few months and buying a phone with 12GB will be smarter than switching now for a phone that would only have 8GB of RAM. Thanks!

Smart decision Benoit !