Upscaling and Sharpening Texture file

This dinosaur toy was Originally scanned on a Revopoint POP by Revopoint3D themselves.

You can see the original 3D model here…

The RGB camera in the POP only produces textures of quite low resolution, 2048 x 2048 pixels

I downloaded the dinosaur files files from to get get the PNG texture file. I then reprocessed the texture PNG file through Topaz GigapixelAI upscaling it to X4 the size, that is from 2048 x 2048 pixels to 8192x8192. Then processed that image through Topaz SharpenAI. The texture was merged back into the model in Metashape Pro and uploaded to my Sketchfab account. I am not using any of the sharpening routines within Sketchfab so it is just like for like.

My upscaled and sharpened version of the dinosaur is here…

If you open both each in a seperate browser tab you can compare the 2.


Impressive improvement. Imagine what could result from a higher-resolution original image.


You could always use different software to get a higher resolution texture from a scan - Meshlab will let you define texture resolution. Keep in mind you’ll still be somewhat limited by the vertex color data in the original .ply file.

That was next on the journey. Which at this low a resolution might endup with better quality texture. We will see.