A higher megapixel camera on POP 2?

I understand the POP 1 and POP 2 both have the same 2 mega pixel camera. I read the POP 2 has improved textures but the texture maps are still a bit lacking in quality from examples I have seen. The textures still look blurry and not so clear.

Youtube beta tester, sehertest, has posted examples of POP 2 scans showing the 3D model and texture files for people to see the original scans.

For comparison, the Creality CR-01 scanner and POP are in the same price range, however the Creality seems to have a much better camera for textures. From reviews it seems the POP produces a more accurate 3D mesh but less quality in textures.

From youtuber reviewer, Teddy Review, (showing POP 1 texture) https://youtu.be/Ohx611_pHhw?t=271

Revopoint, please consider making the camera higher than 2 megapixels in the future. Would that be possible for the POP 2? Your scanner has a lot of potential for the price range, if you are able to update the hardware with a better camera that would be amazing. Thank you

Revopoint POP 2 scan from Youtube beta tester: sehertest

Revopoint POP 2 scan from Youtube beta tester: sehertest


Just wait. By the time this one has been out more than 6 months, they will announce POP3, POP4, etc.

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I whole heartedly agree with this. more MP = more detail, on chip enhancement = slightly sharper but no more detail.

From a cultural heritage scanning perspective there is no point in having 0.1 on the scan with only 2 MP RGB for the texture. Come on @Revopoint-Cassie push this to the dev team! …please


I have been doing some very detailed comparisons of the POP 1 and POP 2. While I cannot speak for the specific hardware used in the two devices, I have determined that the POP 1 captures RGB frames in 800 x 600 resolution, and the POP 2 captures at 1280 x 800 resolution.

Also, the resolution of the final texture map is not directly correlated to the frame capture resolution, as multiple frames are projected to produce the texture map. There are many factors involved in the quality of the final texture map.

The Handy Scan software produces a texture map image that is 2048 x 2048 for both the POP 1 and POP 2.


Thank you Zoltan for your input. I believe I read somewhere the POP 1 and 2 contained the same camera but I could be mistaken.
@Revopoint-Cassie is there any way the POP 2 can improve on the texture quality? I know it already has some improvements over the POP 1 but can it be optimized to be clearer? For example if you look at the tiger’s face from my above post, the details are blurry.

I guess since no one from Revopoint is commenting on this post they are ignoring it. I see their staff are actively responding to other inquiries so they must have seen this one as @Revopoint-Cassie was tagged twice in this inquiry by myself and another user.

As this is a feedback thread, I’m disappointed Revopoint didn’t even acknowledge the inquiry. It was not meant to be critical, just an opportunity to make a suggestion and receive some feedback from them.

I think it is too late in the time frame for any improvements on the camera as noted by Revopoint in the kickstarter comment section: “the design and engineering work for Revopoint POP 2 are completed and have been tested extensively.”

Hi @HeritageNI @Toaster,

Yes, I have seen this post, but I’m also waiting for a more precise explanation about the RGB camera and texture quality from our product team (please understand that I am a member of the marketing team and not so professional on these details). Since they’re busy working on developing new software, I don’t get a clear reply now.

As we explain on a Facebook comment - “POP 2 adopts an advanced chip to reach a better texture result. Although the resolution remains the same, since the quality of the RGB sensor is better, the pixel size is larger, the photosensitive performance is better, and the global exposure and other specs’ improvement will produce a high quality image. It is just like that when the phone’s pixels are similar to a SLR, the image effect of that SLR is much better than that of the phone.”

And, yes, the hardware of POP 2 is confirmed, so we won’t change the hardware spec any more.

Hope you can understand.

Best Regards

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I understand you are in marketing but you are the face of Revopoint3D to your customers.

The on chip ‘thing’ is a cheap cop out and no substitute for more MP. Understand it doesnt not make more detail! It is not about texture quality it is about texture detail, they are entirely 2 different things I am a professional in what I do and 2 MP camera is absolutely ridiculous when the rest of the hardware is so good.

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Hi @Revopoint-Cassie ,

Thank you for your reply and explanation. I apologize if I was too harsh with my comment, I appreciate your reply to my inquiry. I look forward to seeing the POP improve in future versions. Best regards.

Hi @Toaster ,

It’s my pleasure, and your comment is not harsh. We will continue to improve our product and software. Thank you so much for your attention.

Best Regards

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