Losing resolution and file size in RevoStudio

I have been using the MINI to scan dinosaur specimens for our museum. The MINI is capable of producing extremely high resolution and high quality fuse files, of which can get up to 1.5GB of data. However, when I put these fuse files into RevoStudio, select the “Advanced” Mesh settings, and mesh the file at 7.0 (highest option, no holes filled) it gives me a mesh file of 49KB, and severely reduces the resolution of the file. These specimens are rugged and its really important that we maintain as much detail and texture of the bone as possible. Anyone have any suggestions for this? Or something I might be missing?

Above is the fuse file (1.5GB) and high quality texture

And this is the quality once meshed. Its acceptable as far as older models go, but the MINI has proved capable of giving us better.

Use the Batch processing for meshing your objects from your projects at max, you will get the best resolution and details . Revo Studio reducing the files too much due to its size . Batch processing in Revo Scan 4.3.1 will give you the optimal quality .

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Try meshing it in Meshlab, it has way more parameters for poisson reconstruction and great bundle adjustment tools so you don’t have to play around with markers in Revo-Studio. Not to mention the much better performance.

Thank you! Do you have any helpful tutorials on this? I’m still learning the Meshlab processes.

I used this tutorial today and it poked thousands of little holes in the model.

I remeshed it in batch processing with the custom settings, 7.0 quality, .02 and no denoise, but it still came out with a 47MB file. Shouldnt it be bigger and higher resolution if its condensing down a 1.5GB fuse file?

Yes , you should have huge object and not less than 3milions poly or more , unless there is too much overlapped points that was removed due in the process .
But your mesh should be not less than the point cloud .

There is another option you have in Cloud Compare , meshing at level 13 would give you higher resolution

You can check my tutorial Revo Scan | Revo Studio | CC | 3D scanning with Revopoint POP2 - YouTube

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