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Hello everyone,

As a 3D artist i’ve been doing photogrammetry since a few years now (from times to times only), with a Sony a7 iii and a mavic pro ii. I’ve been discovering the Pop 2 through ads recently and i’ve been watching every youtube videos and topic i could find, but I’m still lacking very precious informations and detailed reviews.

I’m hesitating today because it seems the final texture quality seems to be very pixelated/blurry. My use would be mostly outdoors for scanning rocks and trees trunks, dead wood, surfaces , floors…
I need the asset to be Professional quality to use it in virtual production environment creation.

So far I have no idea about the final exported texture resolution. I read somewhere that using handheld with smartphone connected can use its camera source and get better texture but never saw it in reviews and video tests.

Would you recommend it ? Can you give me more specifications about texture and mesh quality ?

Thank you!

Hi! Check uploaded scans on sketchfab. Both for high quality texture scanningand outdoor scanning you will have to look at other (much pricier) scanners, I am afraid. :confused:

I have not had any luck scanning in sunlight. Since it’s infrared the sun messes with it.

@Wanderboy Don’t bother with this scanner, it will not meet your needs. The exported texture resolution is quite bad quality, very blurry with no fine details (2048 x 2048). See my topic link here about texture quality. For a clear example, look at the tiger picture and compare the stripes to the original object. You will see how blurry they look. Revopoint 3D A higher megapixel camera on POP 2?

Also, check out this link with actual sample files which contain the texture maps. Photogrammetry will give you far superior textures. From Youtube beta tester, sehertest
Revo pop 2 scan sample files

I think you may be confusing the Creality Lizard scanner being able to use the phone camera for higher resolution textures. I don’t think the POP1 or POP 2 has that option. But note, the POP 2 does seem to have better base mesh scans than the Lizard is capable of.

Changing the RGB sensor in POP2 will not improve anything , each pixel is assigned to the color vertex , you will need to have higher accuracy scan to have better and sharper textures , the RGB sensor shotting 10 images per sec , but what you see at the end is what could point provided . The only option here is to add new feature to the software and allow mapping independently from scanning using phone or camera , the fuzziness of the textures are due to a fake pixels being added to the spaces where color vertex was missed due to lower scan accuracy of the point cloud.

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I am doing assets for games and 3D rendering , the meshes are excellent and more than you wish for , but textures are not , too fuzzy , for a second plane distance objects it is ok , or for scanning big object , but for small fine details not really . Unless you want to texture your scanned objects manually in other software as I do, there is no other option at this moment . I did addressed this issue to Revopoint and who knows ,maybe in the future we would be able use our devices to capture the textures independent and mapping the objects inside software after scanning .

@Toaster @PUTV @ivan @Philnolan3d

Thank you SO MUCH for precise answer that saved me 700€, much appreciated. I’ll follow Revopoint updates to check if they make the texturing better in the coming months.

Any of you had experience with The CR lizard ?



Waiting for my to arrive just as pop2 and looking forward to do some comparison.

I think you lost a great opportunity to have amazing 3D scanner … but for the work you want to do with, it is best idea to use photogrammetry. 3D scanner is not a magic button you can keep it in your pocket , none of them .
Lizard will not make your work easier as their scanning models sucks big time plus nobody knows if the color kit device even works as advertised outdoors, I canceled my pledge for the Lizard , as how many more videos I saw, how less I wanted it .

@Wanderboy The POP 2 is probably the best, affordable, hand held 3D scanner in this price range at the moment. I only wish the textures were better. After watching many videos on the Lizard (only beta testers at the moment), that scanner looks just awful. The workflow, software and final scans are nowhere near the quality of the POP 2. Creality is notorious for terrible service, Revopoint in contrast has very good customer support. The only interesting thing about the Lizard is the supposed option to use a camera for higher res textures…but I don’t know how well that will work with their questionable software.

This video shows the lizard using an SLR for textures. Unfortunately, they don’t show a comparison with the original object. However, seems to be decent quality and not pixelated when they zoom in at the end.

@ Toaster

This is not real , you can’t create textures from capturing just one angle of the model using SLR as he did in this video , you see they opened another project 20 min later and imported the model with textures already done somewhere else and not showing the texturing process in this video in real time , you can see it on the log files , this is pure marketing strategy video without any backup , the reason I canceled my pledge . this model don’t even had 0.05mm accuracy plus all the missing parts that was not even scanned . Garbage in Garbage out …

Totally agree, a lot of steps missing and leaves a lot of questions as to if this actually works as they say it does. They obviously edited out a large portion of the “automatic photo capture” process, the camera or object would need to be moved several times to get all the angles. Let’s say this method does work, it is a lot of extra work to scan the model then have to basically do a photogrammetry step again for the textures.

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They just used the other scanner they had to make the textured model , replacing it and pretending it happened with Lizard …The textures were not even that sharp ,
They all hiding behind the masks and stuff is kinda shady for me .
As you said , doing 3D scanning and later photogrammetry for one object at the same time really makes no sense , you could have it all for free using just your camera or phone . That is how they brainwash people into purchase . Seeing and believing works only if you do it yourself .

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Thank you again for so much information. Indeed those companies often shows false result or shady techniques to make you think their product is really something else. I’ll stick with traditionnal camera photogrammetry and up my game with enhanced turn table, flash and cross polarization. Thanks guys!