Unit will not calibrate , bad scans

Hi support ,
My unit will not go through the calibration and the scans are not fine.
Ther is so much noise in de live view , they point are twinkling like stars
Already tried 2 days to scan but I can,t get the hang of it ,or how it should b.

What to do next ?

edit.- the pop 1 had better results.
- the unit has a very bad humming noise in it , also very irritating.

The noises are all fine in the live preview , that is how it should be .
What you see are photons bouncing from the surface twinkling like a stars in the night sky , they are never still , light is build from a small particles bombarding the surface constantly and everything what bonuses back are captured by the depth camera sensors and converted into solid object surface.

Try to scan using the low accuracy first to develop your workflow before you jump to the high accuracy what is more difficult to work with . The reason POP1 was so much easier to work with as less data were captured .

There should be no humming noise coming from the device itself , the unit may be damaged

Calibration is not an easy task and request some practice, what was your testing accuracy score before you started calibration ? was that above 0.5000 ?

This is the accuracy

I have to try different lighting ,
all light sources are LED and are maybe influencing the result ?

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At this moment with a cold unit 0.0645

Yes too bright lighting will affect the infrared light pattern and you will lose much faster alignment while scanning , you need to play with the Depth Camera manual settings and slide it down until you see not overexposed black and white object with less white color possible, mostly gray is the best . Sometimes it get stuck, so clicking back and forth on Manual /Auto will unlock it … ( I believe it is a bug and already reported it )
here is example of bad and good Depth camera setting

This will give you most issues with Alignment while scanning and chance to lose tracking quickly

Also remember that scanning objects without features is much more difficult than objects with features, so how more complex the model is how better , in this case use the Marker mode .

Any bright light will affect Infrared lighting , from my own experiences how darker the ambient light how better the scan results . That is normal

Regarding your Calibration value of 0.0645 is just fine as my own is right now at the same value and everything works just fine , not need to calibrate , if it get above 0.1000 then you may see some improvements after calibration but mostly in reduced noises . The real problem starts when it reach 0.5000 then you can’t do much , and you will have to make new calibration .

Dept camera work best with 1 in all situations , higher doesn,t work

That is the problem , sometimes you think it is at 1 , but it is not … that is the bug I was talking about , if you have the setting at 1 and you don’t see grayscale all over , click the auto and manual back and forth , it will reset it to normal and then you can adjust it proper. It does not happening every time but too often , that why I check it every time before I starting new scan … don’t do that in the preview mode, do that in the scan mode panel.

Aha , thanks , will try that

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Problems solved as far as I can see .
I,m running a stabilized 5v voltage source now (3.5 Amp)
Humming sound is dissapeared and unit immediately works better.

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That is a wonderful news , the mysterious humming you experienced made me thinking , what if they trapped a killer hornet inside :honeybee: just kidding :joy:

glad you fixed your issue. I hope we can see soon some great scans of yours. ! :crossed_fingers:

with the 7kg stabilised power input it,s not portable anymore :smiling_face_with_tear:

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LOL , I guess your PC ? :joy:

I got new phone today with 256GB internal memory and 6GB Ram and most important 5Ghz WiFi to support POP2 , we se how it gonna works as portable in daylight . I am also about to visit the Museum soon to scan some Dino bones , I hope they will not figure out too quick what I am about .,

nope , special labaratorium power unit .
normal usb powered it won,t work as it should , very very very noisy and constant loosing track.

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