[Tutorial] POP2 tracking problems and slow performance FIX

Hi all!

I just got my POP2 Scanner and did some succesful scans with it but when i tried to scan my muguard from my motorcycle i hat awfull tracking problems. I tried tracking mode, feature mode, and even feature mode with the blue tack shapes sticked on the surface to help with the tracking. Nothing was working for me i lost 4 hours trying to scan this one thing.

I had awfull problems with tracking of my POP2, it was choppy at about 5 FPS and it was constantly producing bad results. Then I connected it to my android phone (LG Wing) and immidiately I noticed that the fps was more like 10 or 12 FPS. I started wondering how in the world my phone is faster than my PC. Then it striked me - scanner was powered from powerbank not the phone.

So I used Mobile cable to hook it up to my PC.

You can see my setup below:

It is USB A to USB C adapter > USB C to USB C cable > female to female USB C connector and then Mobile cable for the scanner. The other USB A was connected to the powerbank supplied with the scanner.

So I hooked it up to the PC and powered it with my powerbank. I noticed immidiate improvement - FPS was in range of 10 or more, the preview was more smooth and more crisp. I tried scanning my mudguard and I finished scan that I was happy with in about 5 Minutes! Same was for the Tracking mode with stickers.

Below you can find screenshot of my scan in tracking mode - it took about 5 minutes to finish. The link is to the video on Revopoint Facebook Group where I show the feature mode in live time.

Feature mode scan with external power

So to fix your tracking just use what I used with my setup or use USB HUB with external power source, You can also use something what is called USB power injector that lets you hook up external power supply to the device connected to the PC. Just make sure that it is USB 3.0 comaptibile.