Pop 2 more lose track then pop 1


I just got my POP 2, thinking it was a great upgrade after my POP 1. But the scanning is terrible. When scanning a person the POP2 is losing track again after again. While scanning with my POP1, I don’t have that problem.

Also scanning with the POP2 is very laggy. And I’m using the same laptop (windows surface) as with the POP1.

Please, does anyone have some ideas?

POP1 uses less data that why you was able to have better and faster scanning experiences and less tracking issues , my POP2 working very good on my PC, but on other devices it works differently compared to POP1 …
I don’t know if that is the data speed , since if you get below 10fps you loosing faster the tracking , and POP2 has more data to go through than POP1 , a lot more .
I think the USB or WiFi need to be consistent at minimal 130Mbps to operate at full capacity. If you laptop slow down for any reason you losing the frame and automatic the tracking .

how much RAM your laptop support ?


Interesting, I also feel like pop2 loses track much easier than pop1.
I’m running a laptop with 40gb ram, 3080, and 8core 16thread.
I’ve had the same behavior on my large rig, running 128gb ram, 3090, and 16 core 32 thread. Connected both through USB-C.
Oddly enough on my Sony Xperia it seemed to lose track less, but I ran out of ram very quickly. I’m hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the iPad app.
I think it may seem to lose track more on the comps because of the tether, and on a portable device it’s much more steady?


On my older 4GB RAM Sony Xperia it is nightmare with tracking , I feel like one second behind the scanner lol
But my new 8GB RAM tablet working great ! no issues … not even with MINI

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Yea I would love to get some iPad Pro love on the dev side, my Xperia is a 1 iii it has 12 gb or ram, and is pretty capable. But still ram out. But man it’s so much nicer to scan that way. Hopefully in the near future.

My laptop has 8gb of ram.

But if tking0517 also have the issues with losing track much, would the ram then be the case?

I have to ask , tracking issue has also to do with the object features , and the distance , there is many factors beside just RAM. It is hard to tell without seeing or using it . You may post screenshot of Revo Scan and your trouble object, I may tell you more.

I guys, I have problem, I keep the scanner firmely stopped making the objet rotating, but the scanner seems making a elicoidal scan… Any suggestion???

It loosing the tracking on the edges of the object where it is smooth , the scanner is optical scanner it needs feature on the object , it like scanning your hand and moving to arm and the tracking is lost as there are no features to register the part in 3d space . Add features , or use marker mode with markers . All optical scanners have issue with that kind of objects , no matter 1K or 10K .