Did my POP2 just die?

My Pop2 has been on my table top plugged in constantly to the USB since I have purchased it in April. So, I went to scan something today and Revo Scan did not “see” the scanner. So, I unplugged and then plugged it back in and now the scanner only boots up to the blue light–no more green.

Did my scanner die? Is there a hard “reboot” that I can try resetting? Only thing I have done is a calibration and change the access point password, but that was a few weeks ago. Nothing but scanning since.

For completeness, I also tried just plugging the scanner into a USB battery bank and it still stops at the blue LED on Pop2 boot-up.

Has anybody had a similar issue? How did you “fix” it? If you have to send it back to Revopoint, does anybody know the average turn around time?


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My POP2 just died with exact symptons. I don’t leave it plugged in unless I’m using it. I emailed support with a video and should be getting a replacement. I’m a little worried now that I have heard several people having similar issue. I wonder if they have a heat management issue. They are going to send me return shipping info. I hope their engineers can do autopsy on devices and figure the problem.


So you are saying that the Pop2 only has 1000 hour MTBF? That is terrible! Imagine if my cell phone died after 45 days! My Samsung has be on constantly since I have owned it–nearly 3 years now. Same for my wife’s iPhone.

While I agree that heat is probably the problem, I would say that if running it for 45 days straight causes it to fail, it means it was not well designed–ie inadequate heat dissipation in the design. I will say, my Intel Realsense camera (same technology) has been running for nearly a year–mainly because I forgot it was still plugged in and it works like the day I got it.

BTW, I also tried putting my Pop2 in the freezer. Still no green light. So whatever it died from, it looks terminal…

Anyways, I did open a support ticket and I am waiting to hear from Revopoint.

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Even if my “pop2” can be scanned accurately, after 30 minutes, the scan result will be disturbed (vertical stripes) and will not work due to the heat.

Support says you shouldn’t tap the device, but if you tap it a few times, it will go back to the way it was.

The green light is still on…

I can imagine that the supporters are also quite tired.

I feel like I know why commercial scanners are expensive.

Who told you to tap the device , that is not good as you will mess up with the calibration , there are no lose parts and taping will do nothing .
If you device stopping working after 30 min it is a faulty device and need to be replaced .

Vertical strips has to do with the frames and how fast the scanner can produce the frames , so if you got vertical strips this mean that the object rotate too fast on the turntable or the processor is too hot to produce 10fps .

The way you describe it , it is a faulty device and taping it will not fix anything .

Complaining in the forum will not fix your issues as nobody can help you here with . You should resolve it with the customer service once and for all.

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Got it. Thank you for your comment.

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@PUTV Did you really get a personal firmware update to fix an overheating problem? Why wasn’t this addressed generally and the new firmware rolled out? @Revopoint-Cassie

I’d like to add that it is not a good idea to put electronic devices into the fridge and switch them on directly out of the cold (same applies for devices freshly delivered in winter, when they are still cold from the transport). There will probably be water condensation inside the device which can cause shortcircuits and thus damage the device.

Now that I have heard about heat dissipation problems with the POP scanners, I’m thinking of installing a heatsink on the top of the casing. If this is really a problem, then I consider it a design fail.

I disagree about the ON time. I had my scanner turned on for (easily) half a day, the last two days. 5 Volts @ 1 Amp is 5 Watts; this should not could cause problems for a scanner board.

I may have had a problem with the laptop USB port providing power overheating after several hours; I changed to another port on my laptop.

Please tone down. There is no need to become aggressive towards other users and imply that they are stupid or abusing.

What you said is that your device overheated and that this apparently could be fixed by changing the firmware. Since I don’t assume that you before that changed the firmware on your own to cause the overheating problem, I must suppose that at least your device came with a software (firmware) flaw causing overheating.

My question is why this wasn’t communicated. Not by you, it’s not your job, though you are pretty active in this community and seem to be some sort of moderator.
But what I would have expected that this issue would be addressed by Revopoint, that’s why I forwarded the question to @Revopoint-Cassie . I mean, in this thread alone there are two people who obviously lost their device to overheating. And I do agree with @1bigpig in that just leaving a device plugged in/powered up should not damage the device. Unless there is a warning in the manual provided by the manufacturer, which I can’t remember having seen.

Coming back to the (at least) two devices being destroyed by overheating: why doesn’t Revopoint address the possiblity and wait until people’s devices are defect? Bad service. Even more if there is a software solution, as shown in your case.

I was a Kickstarter supporter of the Creality Lizard. It has been tied up in the court system. Sounds like Creality has asked Kickstarter to refund people. Of course, they are selling them on-line now for full price on their web site. It would be nice if they gave supporters a discount coupon or something. Time will tell. The Revopoint MINI looks interesting. I’d love a scanner with more resolution. It would complement the POP2.

Wow, I was also KS supporter but I pulled my money out after I saw the lawsuit by accident , I knew it would not ends well and 2 days later it was over . I lost my interest after watching others videos , kinda messy point clouds that needs lots of post processing .It turns me off, and definitely not going to pay full price for that .

MINI going to be amazing , a perfect companion to POP2 , as it will do what POP2 can’t and vice versa. I know as a matter of fact that you would love it in your reverse engineering workflow where POP2 could not deliver . When I saw your video yesterday I was thinking to myself , it is calling for MINI :wink:

As an electronic engineer with decades of experience, I can reasonably conclude that I am not.

Properly constructed, the POP & POP 2 scanners use 5 watts of power when scanning (less when not). For a single component with a thermal conductivity of 130°/W, that’s a lot. For the POP scanners, it’s just enough to make the case comfortably warm and that’s not going to burn out even if continuously powered on for days at a time.

Unless, of course, there is a construction flaw and it consumes much more than 5 watts. When this happens, the case gets uncomfortably hot and it is probable that the scanner does not work at all.

There is, however, the possibility of Infant Mortality (due to marginal construction), which is when the device burns out in the first 30 days.

You said 45 days. I don’t know where you got that number (unless you arbitrarily used all of April and the days so far in May), but 1bigpig did say it was plugged in continuously since some day in April.

It is equally likely that the USB port driving his scanner for weeks at a time has developed a fault. Did that even occur to you?

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I had my scanner connected to the USB port for a good 10 hours when it suddenly started running the POST routine repeatedly (not continuously, but pretty much after every scan).

I switched to another USB port and it resumed working fine.

If the case top on your scanner isn’t really hot (almost enough to burn your finger), then it is more likely the USB port on your computer has gone bad (maybe only temporarily, maybe not).

Try another USB 3 port.

If the scanner resumes working, don’t use it for hours at a time until you get a buffer device to protect your computer’s USB ports. Consider a Powered USB Hub along the lines of this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083XTKV8V/

In the meantime, you could configure the POP 2 as a Client and give it your home router’s login credentials so you can use it while you are waiting for the hub to arrive. Use an AC adapter rated for at least 10 watts.

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I will say “continuous” is a misnomer. It have been mostly plugged in since about April 5th (when I received it from Amazon). It has been plugged and unplugged, but mostly on, without RevoScan running. It is plugged into a desktop computer USB 3.0 port (MSI to be specific), so no problem with the power delivery or undervoltage and the connector is not hot. I also verified that the “death” problem existed when using a 2.1A USB power bank.

I am guessing the processor used in the Pop2 (probably an ARM core) is running at peak power and it not able to adequately shed the heat load it is generating. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but while the case of Pop2 is metal, the top “shell” is plastic–not known for its thermal qualities. So Revopoint either underspec’ed the uProcessor or failed to provide adequate thermal heatsinking capacity.

Eitherway, I am not unhappy with Revopoint. Issues are bound with any product. It is how it is handed will determine if I continue to do business with them. I would probably be better off with the Mini than the Pop2 for my particular use case, as I do more reverse engineer work. If they make things right with the my dead Pop2, then I will pickup a Mini when they are released.


My degree is in Electronic Engineering. I have also been a professional photographer, with pictures published in national magazines, plus freelance news video on regional television (and one on CBS).

What other professions do you think I have claimed?

Yes, he did. I read the thread too quickly and attributed his reply to you because he put “PUTV” immediately above that paragraph and I made a mistake. My bad.

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I was thinking you were Engineer / Mechanical CAD software , not electronic engineering as that is new to me .

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I’m a Beta tester for TurboCAD (Mechanical CAD software). I picked it up to enhance my usefulness to small aerospace companies in Southern California who do not have in-house CAD. I am also active on freelance sites where I usually work with people who need prototypes.


Hi @1bigpig ,

If the light of your POP 2 can’t turn blue light to green, then I think it is probably defective now. Please send a video to customer@revopoint3d.com, and my colleague will arrange the replacement after confirming it.

After discussing with our hardware engineer, the defective reason should have nothing to do with heat or your connection time. Whatever, as always, we will call the defective device back to analyze and avoid such an issue in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards

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you doing it too often , and it confuses me and others sometimes .
If a user says his device died, then it is death and the issues should be resolved by the customer service and not drag it here into eternity escalating it to a global proportions and make a statements based on pure speculations . It don’t helps anybody .

I apologize if I sound rude or offensive , but I just speak my mind , this is me, love me or hate me .