Turntable for humans

Hi, I am planning to build a turntable for humans to stand or sit on. Also plan to build a pole that the Pop 2 goes up and down on. I am motorizing both the turntable and up/down pole. The motors will be adjustible speeds. Wondering about how many RPMs for the turntable and how many mm pr second for the up and down movement? The aim of the project is to scan and print humans head, over body and whole body. Hoping for suggestions.

Rotation speed can vary from 1-2 RPM for most projects, but if you want to scan an entire person, you may want to scan up & down more quickly than round & round.

If you use a PWM motor controller, set full speed for, say, 3 RPM and have 256 speed settings to cover most situations.

Thanx Jeff I will build the turntable for 2-3 RPM, but the height up/down 256 speed settings I am not sure what you mean.

What I meant was 3 RPM for the maximum turntable speed, but using a PWM controller allowing 255 speed settings.

The vertical control will be incremented as needed.