Dual Axis Turntable Speed

ad RevoScan4: Why can I not lower the turning speed less than the minimum allowed value? Is there a way to change this lower limit somehow?

As I could not get the turntable running with RS5, I now use the Android app in parallel, which surprisingly also allows slower turning speeds?!

Why would you want to use it at the lowest speed ? It is not good for scanning , Mini and Range needs maximum speed , POP2 works best with slightly slower but not below the main settings . It will create too many overlapped cells frames that take forever to clean and induce artifacts on the surface .

The proper speed are 30-35 sec per 360 degrees rotation , POP2 works best with around 30-40 sec per 360 rotation , meaning no more than 400 frames captured per one single rotation at the POP2 speed of 10FPS .

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With the Mini on my parts (<30mm in cube) the fps is about 7fps (no matter if I use Wifi or USB) and the mini is >50% losing track anyway. With the Android App at slowest speed, I get the best results. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how long the calculation time will be, as long as the scan results are as good as possible.