Dual Axis Turntable w Range Scanner

I am considering buying the Range scanner and a turntable.

I have numerous larger sized items that weigh under the 5kg weight limit for the dual axis turntable.

Will the dual axis turntable work properly with the Range scanner hardware and software?

You should get the big turntable with Range for scanning big objects , Range is not for small objects .
I would never pair dual Axis with Range , too small .

Range minimal distance is 30cm , go for at least 12 inches diameter turntable , there is no point anymore of using Dual Axis turntable with RS5 + Range for any reason .
Trust me on this …

With Mini or POP2 yes … but with Range? Nope

Thank you for your quick reply. It was helpful.

I am also looking at adding the POP 2 for smaller object scanning. Two questions:

Given the changes in scanning software you referred to, would you not advise the dual axis turntable for use with the Pop 2 as well?

For reasonable quality scans, what is the ‘practical’ smallest and largest sizes you would recommend based on length, width and height for the Pop 2?

Thank you for your excellent assistance!

You see , you can’t scan very tall objects using the Dual Axis turntable , the pivot is not exactly in the center so rather small objects are recommend, 3-4 inches if you use tilted option .
But as I said before , you don’t need that in Revo Scan 5 , as you can scan any angles separately and merge it .

So if you using Revo Scan 5 , you don’t really need Dual Axis anymore , and you will get better results without it .

It is not about the size , it is about the distance and accuracy .
POP2 works best at the distance of 15-25 cm from the object , Range from 30cm to 80cm

So I would use POP2 for object from 6cm to 20cm ( to keep good accuracy ) and Range from 20cm to whatever you want to scan in size …

Invest in a good 12 inched turntable , you will profit with both scanners from it .

If you going to scan very big and heavy objects like humans , the 12 inches turntable will be still ok if the object is below 100kg , but I use now the new Revopoint big turntable for humans and heavy objects .

Dual Axis turntables are perfect if the scanner use per single frame scanning to avoid overlapping.
Portable scanners use multiple frames per sec so heavy overlapping the object , so using Dual Axis turntable it only double the Overlapping that is really not nesesery to have a perfect scan .

Do the professional way , scan 360 degrees of each 360 degrees, turn the object at different angle and continue until you capture everything , you will get every corner perfectly and sharp with more details and accuracy .

Don’t get me wrong , the Dual Axis hardware is very nicely done , but sadly the programing and functionality adding nothing to the scanning quality at this moment and is no more nesesery in RS5

Unless you use Android app to control it made by @Johnathan , then you can program it’s functionally the better way , but as I said before … you still overlapping frames with it , and it will cost you very much time to clean the point cloud , so the answer is NO , go the easy way for better results having just regular turntable

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Excellent help. I placed my order for the POP2 scanner yesterday to begin training on smaller objects first. I plan to add the Range for my larger objects next.

I have a question about the Large Turntable. Is there a synchronization process in the latest scan software that controls the start/stop/position movement of the turntable when the scanner hardware scans to produce the best or complete imaging?

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Hi Bruce , there is an app called RevoPal to control the big turntable .
There are no synchronizations between any turntables , I mean start button is as much synchronized as the click of your finger on an app …

I know you were thinking that Dual Axe is sophisticated and smart device , but that is not , it only follows Bluetooth commands . The software is not aware where the object is in the space or position in specific moment while on turntable , or when it is done with scanning … this is not that type of scanning technology ( per frame scanning ) it is portable structured light scanning .

Well congrats on your new tool , Range was much easier to learn as it was much faster to scan with due to FOV … but if you master POP2 , you will have no big issue with Range . POP2 is my most universal device and most used from them all .

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Appreciate your quick and to-the-point responses! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to my testing!

Best regards,

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@ivan that’s the truth Ivan :joy:
Personally I prefer to run it first before clicking the start button , since I like to test the full rotation to make sure I don’t lose any tracking , if the test is great , then I start scanning . If losing tracking on some angle , I add couple of cubes and continue .

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