Turntable failure

I used the turntable for the first time today, plugged it in and did a scan. (worked good). When finished I unplugged the usb cable, and put it away nicely in the box. Next day decided to try some more things, plugged in the usb (end that goes into turntable) and it pushed the usb connecter off the board. I inserted it in a normal fashion. So i tried to use the battery\ies to power the turntable. The led light comes on for a second and goes off. wont turn. Opened the turntable to find the usb connector was not supported other than 3 tiny solder points. (no wonder it fell off). Is this under warranty? Is there a reason the batteries wont power the unit since the usb failed? Do they share a common circuit path?

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@JeremiahB you should not open it and just ask for replacement , opening it usually violate the rights to warranty.
Now it will be up to the Customer service if they want to replace it or not .

In case you don’t want to wait , this one will be a nice replacement , it also uses 2 types of batteries and USB , and have 3 speeds

The original one is currently not available at Amazon

There were no seals, or warranty stickers. the top plate just slides off. I saw a review of the new mini, and they sent the tester a much larger turntable 10-12 inch. this would be much easier to use. The original small turntable comes with the larger plate you can set on top, but then you cant get to the on button.


@PUTV I am not sure how that works in China, but the “Warrantee voided if removed” stickers are illegal in the United States.



Oh the small one , then it is ok , it does not have any screws so you are definitely good for the replacement .

The POP came with the good turntable the POP2 not so , MINI have again the good one , same as POP , plus in the future the optional dual axis what will be the winner .

I dislike it too , it is hard to reach the on and off buttons when you attached the top plate . That why I prefer the big one .

We don’t talk about stickers here . If the product was purchased in China, they have own rules .
However @JeremiahB opened the small turntable from the POP2 , and there are no screws so there will be no problem.

The case is now for the Customer service to be resolved, so let stop it here before our replies covers up the main problem , it is not a debate thread after all , JB need help ASAP , let’s keep it clean .

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@JeremiahB , you should provide a picture of the micro-USB-socket, too. As it seems from the picture you took of the electronic board, the socket has never been soldered in properly. The two circular patches to the sides of the socket are there for mechanical fixture, and they look as if they never where connected.
As for the batteries: Maybe the micro-USB-socket was never connected properly from the beginning, so the turntable might have run on batteries all the time, and now they might be just flat.

There was nothing in the 2 holes that you described. The only thing holding this USB on was the tiny needed pins.

i didn’t try batteries in the unit until after the USB plug failed.

@JeremiahB These are SMDs - Surface Mounted Devices - , so there are no holes to stick wires through. Since the surfaces of those circular patches are smoth, there was probably never anything soldered onto them. Otherwise there would be marks of the contacts that should have been fastened there.

Ok, I thought you had the batteries in all the time. Maybe, because the USB-socket broke off, there is now a short circuit on the board. But impossible to tell from the distance.

@JeremiahB There are 4 holes to hold the USB in , 2 for the support and 2 for the pins, plus glued , but it is very fragile and delicate construction . The supporting bigger pins are too short and do not pass to the other side enough to provide proper support . Once the glue got lose it was easy to stripe it away .