Trouble shooting with Range

Your scans are great. But I can’t figure out how did you make the texture? As far as I know, RevoScan 5.x is not able to make a texture after merging scans. It’s just a problem and a problem.
I’m still learning how to do scans, but I can’t do it with textures yet. If you have a lesson or video, please share.
Thank you!

Hi Nick , you don’t always need merge scans , if the object are organic you can just pause change position and scan without merge to keep textures . Mostly objects with lots of features are easy to scan fully without the need to merge them .
If you have to merge , you can convert the RGB color data to textures using Blender, Zbrush or other 3D editing programs .

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Thanks for the help. I’ve watched all your tutorials but I still don’t know how to work well enough in Blender or Zbrush.
I was doing scanning tests all day yesterday (I have a Range scanner) and realized that Revo Scan 4.x is much more stable and better at scanning than version 5.x. This upset me.
I did not change the position of the scanner (tripod) and did not change the position of the part on the turntable. I used pyramids with markers, but RevoScan 5.x lost tracking 2-3 times per 1 turn of the table.

Sorry, but I don’t quite understand how I can pause the scan and rotate the model without disturbing the point cloud.
Could you show an example?

Revo Scan 4 was not made for scanning with Range , Firmware of Range works best with RS 5.2.3
Please use the markers on the plate for scanning , pyramids are not ideal for scanning with markers, you need at least couple of markers to be always visible at the distance between them of 4 to 8 cm , so no it was not really the software issue but the markers , also please use only reflective markers or add some extra LED light to the scanning scene , low lighting with no reflective markers can cause issue .

pyramids cant show 4 faces at once while scanning for that reason not much recommend…

not when you scanning with markers , you cant rotate anything , only if you use organic model with lots of features … you scan one round of 360 frames then you pause , then you rotate the object on a different angle and click start again, and then do another rotation and after that click complete … you need at least 3 angles to be scanned , only to be used in feature mode without makers .

Markers are replacing the features for that reason cant be rotated .
I don;t want to be rude but we have to move out of this thread as that is @shadows44 showcase thread and not issues thread .

P.S I moved it to a new thread

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Catharina, thanks for moving the conversation to a separate topic. I thought about how to do it but I couldn’t.

I want to show the results of comparing the performance of version 4.x and version 5.x
I tried to do minimal cloud cleaning and the same camera settings.
As I said, I am new to 3D scanning but have over 20 years of programming and engineering experience.
I can evaluate the result.

I understand that such parts are not suitable for the Range scanner, but at the same time it can scan them and get a different result under the same conditions