Revoscan Update

Hi, I’m Fabio and write for the first time in our community!
I have a range and mini scan, in the last update of revoscan I see a lot of fix and enhancement, but I didn’t understand different between Fusion Method ADVANCED or STANDARD:
can anyone help me?

Standard just fuses the points as normal.
Advanced eliminates artefacts and isolated points, similar like the Mobile App does.
For single solid models advanced will be the better option maybe.
I Just repeat what I’ve read here in another thread, so i have no personal experience with this setting.

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That is correct what @ingManiac said

@3DMadeUp if you have simple model like figurine or any other organic firm looking model use Advanced mode

For more custom and manual editing use Standard , but you will have to clean all overlapping points manually .

The Standard is fir those users that are advanced modelers , as Advanced fusing mode is not always a good choice if you scan models that are partial , for example you can’t use Advanced mode when scanning a plants, trees where parts are separate , the Advanced mode will clean up all the leaves that are not attached …

Best option just try yourself with various objects … new classes will come soon to my channel

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