Tripod connection head


not sure what that part is called: I mean that snap-in-mechanism at the head of the tripod, where the square item with a notch on each edge (that item is connected to the scanner) snaps into.

Is this some kind of standard item? Or is it custom made for the Revopoint scanners?

I noticed that the square item for the Pop (1) has no notches and is a bit too large to fit into the snap-in-mechanism of the Pop2, so maybe it’s not some standard for camera attachments and tripods?

Do you have a picture of it?

You mean like these -,g_1:quick+release:eCZ7PJFma6c%3D&client=firefox-b-1-d&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjFu_Wqld_5AhXlM1kFHffADb8Q4lYoAXoECAEQJg&biw=1423&bih=866


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Left: Pop (1), length of the edge 18 mm, without notches
Right: Pop 2 and Mini, length of the edge 16.5 mm, with notches
Middle: Tripod head snap-in-mechanism for Pop 2 and Mini

Seems to be something like a “shoe mount”, but I haven’t found any with those notches yet.

The POP has a regular cold shoe , POP2 and MINI cold shoe is unique , it do not fits in any of my photography equipment, but it is easy to replace if nesesery to the standard one .