New geometry handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP2 3D scanner with shutter and original Powerbank (Work in Progress)

Hi… members… Today I have uploaded to Thingiverse my new design of a handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 3D scanner. It has a new geometry with scanner and mobile phone on the top of the hand and powerbank (the original included in the premium kit) inside the handgrip.

In this case, hearing suggestions of some member of this forum, I have included a shooter to push the POP2 button sitted in the rear of the scanner to play/pause scanning.

As the others designs of handles designed previously this design converts the scanner in an autonomous set to scan more comfortably.

Ergonomic details and scanner inclinations have been extracted from my own hand and some projects from some repositories on internet.

If somebody wanna follow the progress of the project for downloading when it will finished can follow that link of thingiverse: Handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP2 3D scanner (Original Powerbank and another geometry) by JJCHACON - Thingiverse

If somebody wanna suggest ideas or modifications may tell me replying this message.

This thing is a Work-In-Progress… I will add new stages when I had them.



Amazing, you not only design these but you are also able to print these so quickly!

At first sight, I thought it was a gun. Sorry. :laughing: Nice design and prints! Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks so much…!!!
I expect today will have definitive STLs…

Thanks so much…!!!

For me is very easy create in 3D using CAD sofware if I have a clear idea in my mind previously.

I have a good 3D printer model SIGMAX R19 from BCN3D that can print at 200mm/s… It facilitates the work.