Throttle Body scanning

I have spent this week working with Cloud Compare to try to sort out the issue I was having with too much noise.

To see how to use CC follow the tutorial from @PUTV :slight_smile:

[Tutorial] How to use Cloud Compare to clean up your messy point cloud/scan data - Tutorials - Revopoint 3D

I spent hours in the point clouds trying to get to grips with things. If you haven’t used it, its a useful tool

This is the noise that I’m referring to, caused mostly by using the auto settings when not really needed, this in turn adjusted the gain do to my angles and lighting.


Cloud compare got rid of the noise, well, I did in the most part by selecting and deleting it, then using CC to do the rest. I also meshed in cloud compare which gave a nice smooth result, but had unwanted filled holes ( @PUTV has kindly told me the error of my ways - see cloud compare tutorial for more details)


This is the point cloud that was tidied up, and bought back into Revoscan 5 for meshing

Looking closely you can see there is still some noise but its a vast improvement

As a comparator, I have also rescanned the throttle bodies, this time with the gain set manually to 1 .

Its a similar result but slightly better.

Important things to note:-
Scanned item was sprayed with Aesub Orange (lasted about 48hrs before disappearing)
Both scans were made up as a result of multiple scanning operations, all merging was carried out in RevoScan 5.3.1
Meshing other than where stated was carried out in RevoScan 5.3.1

This was a great opportunity to learn that there are multiple ways to get similar results, even if your scan doesn’t come out so good to start with. This could be useful if the scanned subject is no longer available to rescan.

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A little bit of time spent in Mesh Mixer to finish off


That’s a lovely scan. Well done.


Great job Gary , thanks for sharing !

Well, good job of the scan, there is no reverse, the work is still raw, so nothing interesting

If you say so. I think it’s interesting and a good scan.

Interesting for those that scanning , it is after all scanning community .
And to get good scans of that type cost some time and little skills .

Not sure what you’re expecting to see, but, it is what it is.

If the reverse you mention is reverse engineering, then for my application it’s completely pointless in this instance.

It’s the interface between this and the engine that is to be designed :grin::sunglasses:.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

“Keep my workflow outta your mouth”


Beautiful scan