Odd lumps all over scan in 4.1.1

ive found with both my POP2 and MINI using the latest software 4.1.1 i get loads of artefacts all over the scan as im scanning, like round lumps. they are there still when ive completed the process and dont go until ive done the mesh, and even then they seem to be causing some melting effect like the object is made from wax.

Can you post a screenshot after fusing and after meshing with the parameters you used for fuse and mesh ?

The last version of Revo Scan do not have the best cloud point function and algorithms as it once was so it produces some artifacts after fusing that need to be cleaned , mostly lose points clumping together on the surface especially if you over scanneed the areas too much , usually meshing removed the lose points .

So I would like to see the after fuse cloud point and after meshing

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I found this also and wasted an evening of my life thinking i’d damaged the MINI when calibrating it. Then it turned out that meshing in revoscan (which I NEVER do) sorted out most of the ugly mess. ANNOYING! I was clean point cloud data, I’ll choose how and where I process it thank you very much…

The meshing in Revo Scan always clean up the currently messy point cloud , but that is not the point , as many users want a point cloud to work with in other software, merging, editing etc… in place of a lower resolution mesh that is not always the solution for each scan .