New to Revopoint Range. Having difficulty

Just opened and started with my Range and I have found that I cannot produce good quality scans. I’m sure this is user error, but I keep getting a “Not enough cloud points” error, and it loses tracking.

Also, the visuals and scans are very pixelated and unusable.

Once this is sorted, I’ll need to merge scans, so for now, I want to get better scans.

Any help getting me started would be appreciated.

I don’t see any issues on your screenshot

If not enough point cloud , meaning the object you are scanning is not visible enough , changing the Depth camera exposure will help or use 3D spray on your object if made from metal or reflecting surface .

You also need to scan it while it is moving , so use turntable or move your scanner around .

That what you see are not pixels , that are frame cells you capturing with the scanner that need to be fused to create point cloud , that later can be converted to mesh , or merged together with other partial scans of the same model .

Scan it , fuse it , merge it and mesh it then you have a scanned model .

I don’t have yet videos with RS5 , but you can check revopoint YT channel with some of my work

You can also check my RS4 video’s here

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OK, thanks for that explanation. I kinda figured out some of that. My problem is the quality of the scans are now leading to poor quality 3D objects. They kinda look melted, if that makes any sense. I’m attempting to reproduce a motorcycle taillight and am getting no where near the quality I see people scanning more complicated objects like scanning a person.

When using the turntable, something happens where I get ghosting, and believe me, nothing is moving except the rotation of the turntable.


Any pointers or suggestions from anyone are quite welcome!

Actual Taillight:
SV175 Taillight

My scan:

You might try marker mode, like putting that object on a paper covered with some markers
around it (and maybe some on the flat surfaces on the object so you can remove them and close holes easily) . Also avoid overscanning = scanning same area multiple times. Finally take care of proper post-processing (like removing overlapping point until no more can be found). Finally mesh it and some lower mesh quality like about 5.
Did you try some matting, like scanning spray/dry shampoo/foot spray?

I’ve tried putting the marker dots on the object. That scan with the ghosts was done with marker dots, and the object, but using the turntable.

Seems like every time I use the turntable on this object, once the longer flat side starts to scan, something seems to shift, and cause that ghosting.

This was on the turntable with marker dots and you can see how it jumped on the second revolution, I guess

Hi! When you share screenshots it is better to turn color mode Off by clicking on the marked icon😉 than it is easier for us to see the point cloud/mesh.

I advise you to keep the object distance to about 30cm as at that range Range has best accuracy.
You can and should adjust the scanning range, so only you object will be picked up. If the scanner picks something stationary behind the turntable, which seems to be the case here (marking) it often will mess up the alignment.

Also better don’t overscan but rather stop after one full revolution and then, if necessary, merge more scans in post processing.

Happy scanning! :slightly_smiling_face: