There is no scan data shown

It’s been a while since I received my pop scanner, no matter connect to PC using usb3.0/wifi or iphone using wifi, I can only get video from camera, but no scan data.

like above image, if I access any gear button, the application freeze.
Is this a hardware or software problem?


Hi @ssizz

Sorry for the late reply. I asked for leave on last Friday.

Could you please send us a video with all your connection steps and this problem? Please send it to and CC

We will discuss internally. If it is confirmed a defective one, we will resend you a new POP.

Best Regards

hi after one perfect test on windows my scan freeze now … i have video but no data and lazer dont blink as during the first scan

I am having the same exact issue on both my note 10+ and windows desktop. Ill try and send video/details tomorrow also.