The difference between MINI and POP 2

Dear users,

Revopoint aims at bringing the best 3D scanning solution for different requirements. That’s why we had MINI - our latest blue light 3D scanner that is designed for professional applications, it features a higher accuracy of 0.02mm with better details.

Compared with POP 2, MINI’s single capture range is smaller, which means it’s more suitable for smaller objects with higher accuracy requirements(recommended size: smaller than 500* 500* 500 mm).

Meanwhile, MINI uses a blue light source that is less tolerant (than infrared) to the ambient light and it requires an indoor scanning environment to ensure accuracy. Please note that MINI is not recommended for some specific applications like face modeling. Thus, if you are looking for a face/body modeling solution, we’d like to recommend you take POP 2.

In a word, MINI and POP 2 target different scanning requirements with different expertise. POP 2 meets most requirements of makers, DIY lovers, and designers with more usage scenarios, and MINI is more for professional applications like reverse engineering, quality control, 3D measurements, jewelry design, healthcare applications and more!

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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This sounds perfect for what I need. When will it be available?

Hi @BruceW ,

Thank you for your support!

The release date is not finally confirmed now. I will create a post here when it is available.

Please stay tuned with us!

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Thanks. I have POP & POP2 so may as well collect them all :joy:


Really looking forward to the MINI blue light scanner!


Hi @Johnathan ,

Glad to see you in this forum! Thank you for your support.

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Very excited for this release!!


Sounds very good, but what is the minimum object size that can be scanned?
As a modeler I have sometimes detailed objects with a size (volume) less than 1 cm3.

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@poni It will be able to scan smaller volumes than 10x10x10 mm so less than 1 cm³ .
POP2 right now can scan volumes at 2cm³

@PopUpTheVolume Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know.


Hello can someone explain why the mini is not suitable for face and body modelling please. thank you

Hi Madalena , it has a small projection window so very small area to scan , you probably will lose the tracking very quickly on a large surface , second the data will be very heavy and lots of RAM will be used at that accuracy . Nothing can stop you from trying , I think you will be able to scan faces and body parts but each single hair can be a reason for an artifact, and it will be problematic as not many software can handle this level of data , it will all depend on the workstation you use , processor power and RAM . For that reason it is for professionals since they do have the ability and workstations to handle all of that .
Nothing will stop you from doing what you want to do, but if you run into issues doing what you are not supposed to do with this device , you will be on your own.

Normally scans with this capacity costs around $25K and only for very small objects , for the same reason, enormous amounts of data to handle and clean.

P.S Blue Light 3D Scanners can be harmful to human exposure (i.e. eyes)

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@Revopoint3D-Cassie is this new mini scanner more like structure scanner or full color scanner? Can users create textures directly from the models?

Cassie is it going to be a hand held scanner of a cabinet scanner (the scanner mounted in a box)?
Really looking forward to hearing more about this upcoming scanner as I would love to have it to scan old military medals, coins, and jewelry.


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Apparently at 11 EDT is the Kickstarter launch for the MINI at this website

Did anyone get an email notification from signing up? I didn’t, just happened to see this on Instagram.

I am definitely ordering ( backing ) today.

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And you should , at this early bird the price it is incredible and limited one time deal . I could not believed when I hear it .

Revopoint stays humble , they could make easy more on that , but they are not just about the money .
I hope everyone sees it and support them on this new KS project . It is worthy and I am sure you will not regret it .
From all the scans you made with POP2 , imagine 80% improved resolution on them.
I guess the texture quality will be amazing at this pitch point resolution, not to mention color per vertex data .


No I did not , I was wondering about that too , but maybe they will short before 11am .

These add-ons for previous backers.

Check out how cool this turntable is


I was able to get a super early bird spot when I backed on Kickstarter this morning.
Looking forward to getting this new scanner.

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