Suggestions for things to scan!

Hey everyone, like most of you I am anxiously awaiting getting my scanner, and in the mean time I wanted to throw out some suggestions for things that I’ve been wanting to scan so that maybe the beta testers can give it a try and we can see how well it works out.

  1. Outside of house - My wife wants to build on to our house some day, and it would be amazing to be able to scan the whole outside of the house and then create mockups for what the additions would look like.

  2. Inside of house - I’m currently renovating our foyer, which has a set of stairs and needs new flooring and walls and stuff. It would be awesome to have a 3d scan for measurements and for creating mockups of different flooring options and paint colors. I’m curious whether different materials are less-well suited for scanning - for example marble tile or glass.

  3. Automotive components - My side project right now is converting a car to an EV, and I’ll be scanning the car and motor and then creating motor mounts and battery cases. I’d like to see whether raw shiny aluminum can be scanned easily, and how well it scans dirty components like a transmission covered in grease and oil.

  4. Something small like a mini-fig - I’d be interested to see how small-scale items are scanned. Maybe a small figurine or a Hot Wheels car or model plane or something?

Thanks everyone, I’m really excited to see what you come up with!

For now, I am totally unable to scan anything outside, I can try every settings I want, if it’s a sunny day, your scanner are totally useless outside because it’s a light scanner…
It really disappointed me because I wish to scan many sculptures…

In the house, I tried to scan a door, with markers, for now it’s a total fail.

Today I will try small objects.

About small objects: after some testing, I think the turn table goes too fast… Even if you have a big computer, the scanner fail to follow too complicated objects

Sorry if I answer you, even if I’m not a beta tester, in the first case it would be superfluous to scan the outside of the house nor the inside, as if you have to make changes with the scan x how much good quality does not allow you to make studies of dimensional or material changes, between file reconstruction and modification, you should draw the walls of the house and then see the changes to be made, with cad software it takes little and while you are drawing you study the spaces, the materials and the changes to be made, it would make sense if you have to renovate parts of the house that you do not have measurements of and these cannot be obtained because they are difficult to position, then it would make sense.
For the car, things are different, very well what you say, but remember that reflective or clear surfaces (white or like raw aluminum) no scanner can detect them except with paddles, and to scan a car with good results it takes a wagon !.
The small components shouldn’t be a problem, apart from the colors, and that’s where the beta testers come in anyway.
Sorry for the delay, I hope I was useful.

So far still awaiting shipment, but I would scan my feet, to see if I could make a representive 1:1 model for a shoemaker in Barcelona. He could then have finished shoes made to fit, so I dont have to wait for covid to loose the grip, and I can travel to Spain.

Do you find custom-made shoes only in Spain? aIn all world are the custom-made shoes. There is even a shoe model to 3D print on Thingverse!

I know, but the idea of 3d printing my feet, having shoes handmade i Spain and use the vacation to go there an collect, appeal to me. Also there be a great difference in price and model, and this be shoes made for dancing. Not all shoemakers can do this, as it takes some time to learn. Like only a few mechanics repair racing cars…

In Italia ce ne sono molti!

I don’t think you’ll be scanning a house with revopop but we had a contractor use to create a model of our house and it’s jawdroppingly good. We’ve got a really complex elevation with 30 different roof facets and it created a beautiful model and everything i’ve checked is accurate to within an in inch.

They offer it to free to homeowners now and i’ve been hoping i can make my own model and export it into 3d software

Hi, I’m backer 5205.

I know this is not the right place to post this message but I can’t get Revopoint’s attention through their support email address.

I have received an email with a tracking number with FEDEX on May 21. After calling FEDEX in my Country they could only tell me that the item had not been given to their offices in China, that the only thing done was to create an Airway Bill, thus the existence of the tracking number.

I’ve emailed Revopoint and no response or whatsoever. I’ve been calling to a couple of numbers I found online but there seems to be no one to answer the phone.

Does anyone here have been successful in getting a reply from them? If so, which email address or phone number have you used? I would really appreciate if somebody could give me a hand on this.