Light box for 3d scanning


I was considering building myself a Light box for 3D scanning and was wondering if anyone here has built one already and if they have any good tips going forward on how to effectively build a good one that doesnt pick up the background in the scanner.

I see that Revopoint made this video showcasing their own light box that they made

and I see some other people have made white boxes for their 3D scans (not with revopoint scanners but same concept)

Would it be better to use black material or reflective material for the walls like the revopoint video and what would be a good dimension for the box? I would love to hear your opinions and feedback on what would make a good project and if someone in the community has made anything similar.

I give up on light boxes already as that really don’t make a huge difference and take only space .
The upcoming software will have a function that allow you to change the scanning range so what color background you use will not matter much .

I used a black pvs for my background before but the walls was reflective as in the light box above .

I use minimalistic set now and the results are the same .

Remember the scanner RGB camera is on the left side , so the light source need to direct from this point to avoid shadows and not from the center .


Cool! I might try to make a minimalist setup like this then.

Do you know any ETA of when the software update releases for the scan range?

Should be this week according to my knowledge and the customer services .

I just got myself little bigger LED lights powered by USB to use on the sides for more uniform soft box effect
But it is recommended that the lights do not shine in front of the RGB camera , so I keep them slightly back and since they have bigger powerful surface , it works great as a supporting light .

As long you get the proper top bottom lights for your main source , things gonna looks better , POP2 can works with any light source intensity as long it is LED based.

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Hey I had not seen your response in my inbox sorry.

Thanks for the tips, I see the update has arrived to the software.
I purchased one of those diffuse film panel lights that can adjust LED temperature and it has produced great results for the scans!

Thank you for the tips!

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