Mini: Test scan requests

Can we get a thread going for what we’d like to see from the beta testers?

I personally would like to see things with round features. Mounting holes, bosses for other parts to bolt on, say an intake manifold. Seeing how accurately it can capture the roundness of the bolt holes. Round items like starter motors.

What else would you like to see?

Hi @ntauth ,

Good topic. I have pinned it.

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I was hoping the original POP would do this but it doesn’t so I would love to see some scans of carburetor mounts for small engines like tillers, chainsaws, etc. See if the holes match and also all of the openings and designs that are in some of them to fit just perfect.

I’m in the exact same boat as you. Would like to see how much (hopefully) better the mini is for things like this. Unfortunately for most of the stuff I do, the pop1 was disappointing. Still decent for larger things though.

@ntauth Jon Himself is into this stuff so he should provide something interesting for you guys , I don’t have anything of it laying around so I can’t do that.
But MINI should cover it as it is pretty good .

Here’s a quick scan I did on my cylinder head with the ports using the MINI. For ref the POP2 wont get more than 5mm or so into the recess, the MINI can see WAY into the port and also doesn’t lose track easily at all due to the point density.
Ports are 30mm dia for reference. Normally you’d need to take a casting of this or cut the thing open.
The longest part of this job was the fusing done at 0.02
The scan picked up more detail than you can really see.

3 separate scans here, no post processing (other than trimming) - aligned in Blender


Thanks for sharing this. Looks like the mini would be a great addition for me. Ok Revopoint, take my money, please. Are the scans double in size compared to the Pop2?

I think it would be very interesting to see how somebody would use both the pop 2 and mini to scan parts of the same object.

Hypothetically you had a larger object and you’d capture the majority of it with the pop 2.

Then use the mini to capture detailed or/and recessed sections better.

And then align the mini scans with the pop2 scans.

I will definitely be purchasing one when it’s available, can’t wait!

FYI, Your Instagram ad from yesterday still shows the release as late April. People are going to start thinking it is April 2023. :laughing:

Done - here’s the scan of the cylinder head with POP2 (seems better with volume, less drift) then using the MINI to gather specific details of the port that POP2 cant achieve.


Could someone scan a fruit with high texture detail, something like a pineapple would be cool

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Pop Up The Volume has a video on YouTube of a orange with texture. Im sure it is posted here in the forum. He’s a talented artist that has been very helpful to all.

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Here is a link to his channel.

Thanks Eric, but it was scanned with POP2 not MINI .

@johnchen if I find anything more detailed in textures I will make a new scan , I don’t think pineapple have the details you want to see , MINI can pick up each small wrinkle of your palm that you don’t even see clearly with your naked eye .


You’re welcome. You are right. I should be asleep, but im playing with my new toy Pop2 and obviously not thinking clearly.


:joy: I feel you , it is addictive !

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I would ask for a scaning test on a smal Oil Seal, around 40mm.

Image sample:

Revopoint MINI preferably