1. How to connect a Revopoint 3d scanner?

The following is an example of a POP 3 scanner, and the USB cable vary from scanner to scanner.

1.1 USB Mode Connection
Use the 2-meter long USB cable to connect your PC and the 3D scanner.

Note: If your scanner is POP, POP 2, MINI or RANGE, use the 2-meter long USB cables to connect your PC, too. Here are the USB Cables:

1.2 Wi-Fi Connection
Both Windows and macOS support Wi-Fi connection. The following takes POP 3 and Windows PC as the example.
Step 1: Power the 3D scanner.

Step 2: Connect the 3D scanner to your PC via Wi-Fi.

•Find the label attached to the scanner, locate the Scanner Model and its SN.
•Go to your Wi-Fi setting, search for the network called: Model + REVO + the first eight digits.

Before scanning via Wi-Fi on your PC, please consider the following:

  1. Ensure your PC supports Wi-Fi. Old desktop computers may lack Wi-Fi functionality and cannot connect to the scanner wirelessly.

  2. When connected to the scanner’s Wi-Fi, your PC won’t have Internet access. If you need to go online, disconnect from the scanner’s Wi-Fi network.

  3. If your PC fails to connect to the scanner’s Wi-Fi, check if other devices (including mobile devices) are connected to the scanner or if your PC is linked to another scanner via USB. If none of these scenarios apply, try restarting the scanner or contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance.

1.3 LED Indicators

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