Suggestion - Revopoint WiFi USB Adapter for PC

Ok no problem :+1:
I was thinking you have issues with WiFi according to your first post and so everyone else .

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Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense at all as this would amplify it doesn’t matter if you change your routers password if you want to exclude someone’s device from your network.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve changed the router’s name and password or not because every other of my devices except the scanner hadn’t any issues to connect to my router till now.

This may happen if you use a weak and short password.

No, I don’t have issues with WiFi. I just tried to make a suggestion to Revopoint to develop a specific USB dongle for wireless connection between computers and their scanners.

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What I said by doing this was to run a quick check with a router name and password that are very ‘vanilla’ (only alphanumeric characters) to see if your scanner will then connect to Revo Scan.

If this doesn’t work, then we have to investigate another solution.

If it does work, then we have to petition Revopoint to change their software to allow all printable characters (and the {space} character) in the router name and password.

But after the test, change the router’s name and password back to what all your other devices are expecting.

Hi guys @PopUpTheVolume @Bango @Bango

I just summarize the topic you are talking about:

1, About the wifi name(SSID), the device supports 1-32 characters and some language.
2, About the adapter, PUTV has given a good explanation. This kind of connection mode like Bluetooth can not meet the data transportation requirement of the device. For wifi mode, the device support host mode. It’s easy to connect with a device for the PC.

BTW, still thanks for your suggestion.

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Maybe I can try this tomorrow when nobody but myself is at home. However, I don’t think that this is the best and ultimative solution.

Wouldn’t it be better to petition Revopoint for a adaption in this regard right away?

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your participation!

Name (alphanumeric) and password are both within the 32 character limit. So there must be an issue with space character as the displayed name in Revo Scan ends when the first space character begins. Either this is the issue or there’s an issue with the software not able to handle special characters like punctuation marks. Are there any other limitations?

Well, then don’t use Bluetooth for the connection. I don’t understand why everyone is mentioning this type of connection if it’s not able to handle the needed data transfer. I would suggest to use at least a connection of 5 GHz or above. This should give enough bandwidth to transport the data.
Just think about wireless VR Headsets… They also need a high bandwidth, especially for wireless PC streaming. Therefore, several manufactures like Meta, Apple and Valve are planning to offer an USB Dongle for a better data transfer from PC to Headset and vice versa.

Would you please explain more detailed to me what you mean with “it’s easy to connect with a device for the PC”?

Edit: Which band does the POP 2 currently use when it’s connected via WiFi?

It uses only 5Ghz at this moment and it connect to my PC in one second via WiFi , your WiFI USB adapter need to support dual band . Of course while using the POP2 I do not have internet available on my PC .
My PC is connected to internet via dual band WiFi - 5Ghz at 200Mbs/sec , the amount of data POP2 send can’t be used via 2,4Ghz …

Okay, then it should be possible to create a dedicated USB dongle which streams the data from the scanner to PC @5GHz. With such an USB dongle you then also wouldn’t have the disadvantage of waiving internet connection while using the scanner. This should be a consideration.

So does my PC needs to be connected via WiFi to be able to use the scanner in wireless mode?
If this is the case then it would answer the question why Revo Scan doesn’t recognize the scanner in my case as my PC is only connected via cable.

That’s just one more point that speaks for an USB dongle!

Your WiFi need to be ON so you can connect to the POP2 network

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Hmkay, but this only needs to be granted if the scanner is set to host or? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense that the scanner also has a client mode. So I also should be able to use the scanner wireless with PC even if the PC isn’t using a wireless connection to the router.

yes that are the general settings according to Manual set as Host via WiFi .

with the other settings as client via router pls talk to Jeff about as I don’t know this method and never used it.

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if your internet is via LAN cable , you can use your WiFI adapter to connect to the scanner … I guess …

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Well okay, using the host mode isn’t a solution for me as my PCs connection to the router is wired.

I will, I’m just waiting for his response. This solution would fit better for my needs at least for the moment as I then don’t have to waive internet.

Like I told this doesn’t work unfortunately. I get no more internet via wire immediately as soon as I plug in the WiFi adapter.

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I was hoping it would works , as it could solve your issue and all you need would be just WiFi usb dongle .

In this case you will need to wait for Jeff reply , he is 3 hours behind me in time and usually visit little later after I am done with the forum watch :laughing:

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Not like I expect it to work at least. Maybe it’s a solution for you as it seems you don’t mind about having no internet while using the scanner.

That’s no problem for me. I can wait until tomorrow if needed but I hope he’ll answer me sooner anyways :sweat_smile:

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I scan mostly via WiFi on my phone , at PC I am scanning everything on turntables and big models data so I prefer the speed of USB C. WiFi would not made a difference for me as I need to monitor everything on my screen anyway , and I don’t like to do that from distance , I do have 15ft USB cables if I need to go away , and can see my PC screen on my tablet or a phone to control it , but most of the time I am by my PC and everything is in reach of my arm happily wired .

Wireless transmitters can be costly , and the best speed transmitters are more expensive than POP2 , so do not expect it soon … if at all

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He should be here soon … he don’t have specific hours , but I am sure he will answer you before tomorrow .
I am going to try something else out and see if that works .

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BTW that’s the only way how I can use the scanner on my smartphone as the USB connection doesn’t work there although my smartphone does fit the official requirements. I already had contact with the support about this but they weren’t able to help me in this regard.

That’s right. With USB C the scanning process definitely runs smoother but I want to build a platform to scan bigger objects or persons easily and therefore I probably need not only a wireless connection.

Which software do you use for this and how handy is it? Because that’s the next thing on my list :sweat_smile:

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very easy and secure and great control over PC Revo Scan on your phone or tablet , if you want to go away from your main screen .

I only scan humans on electric turntables for smooth process , you can check my POP2 thread and find some more stuff of your interest .

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