POP3 problem connecting in wifi Client mode

I’m just finding my way around my first scanner, a POP 3, but I’m having trouble connecting to Revo Scan (5.4.3) on my Windows laptop in wifi Client mode. I can connect OK in USB and wifi Host mode to the laptop and my Android phone. However, if I change the mode to Client in Revo Scan, and restart the scanner, it does not connect to Revo Scan. I can see the scanner in my router setup, connected via 5GHz; and I can ping it from my laptop, but Revo Scan still states ‘Disconnected’ and the blue ‘connected’ LED on the scanner remains off. I have tried various combinations of shutting down the scanner and Revo Scan with no success. I have seen there was one other user - thephantom1492 - on the Customer Support Forum (I think that’s the wrong category?) with is problem, but with no replies.

I have also seen discussions for other scanners talking about wifi channel numbers, network SSID / password length and use of special characters; as well as other router settings, but I haven’t started playing around with those yet - Is it going to make any difference, being as the scanner connects to my network and can be seen by the laptop in client mode, just not to Revo Scan? If I have to start changing my router and network connection settings, that should be made clear in the setup instructions.

Have any other POP 3 users had this problem, or used wifi Client mode successfully?

How do I connect the Scanner to Revo Scan in wifi Client mode?

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Hi @JennieP
Please write to customer@revopoint3d.com
With your connection issue , they will help you out how to setup client mode .

Please let us know the outcome here.

Thanks @PUTV , I sent an email at the same time as posting here, I am discussing it with them now.

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I have got it working now, in a roundabout fashion, without much help from customer support. I have described in some detail what I found below in case it helps anyone else. I’m not convinced that this is a definitive solution, it’s just what worked for me.

Customer Support wanted me to send them a screen recording of the steps I was taking to try and connect. This would mean showing my network SSID and password in Revo Scan setup, which I wasn’t about to do (they also told me to turn my firewall off!). I gave up on trying to find an easy way to redact the password from a video, so instead temporarily changed the password (20 digits, no special characters, as was my original password). I then followed the wifi client setting up procedure from Revo Scan, restarted the scanner (in Client mode, attached to the power bank and not the laptop) and Revo Scan connected to the scanner straight away!

At first, I thought this was because changing my network wifi password had disconnected all my other wifi devices and given more bandwidth to the scanner, but after some further testing I don’t think this is the case – rather than changing my laptop’s network password, I had connected it by ethernet cable.

After some further iterations, I ended up changing my network password back to the original one, restarted the scanner in Client mode, and it connects to Revo Scan – provided the laptop is connected to my network by ethernet cable. I tried setting the laptop wifi to 2.4Ghz only and 5Ghz only, neither worked. I couldn’t try giving the two frequencies different SSID names, my router hasn’t got that facility, so I don’t know if that will work.

If both the scanner and the laptop in wifi mode are running, and Revo Scan is open and states ‘not connected’, then plugging the ethernet cable into the laptop connects Revo Scan to the scanner within a few seconds; there is no need to restart anything. The ethernet cable can than be removed, and the two will remain connected (assuming the laptop wifi is on, of course). If either the scanner or Revo Scan is restarted, the connection is lost until the ethernet cable is plugged back in to the laptop.

Not a perfect wireless solution but at least it works. Another method I found which keeps my laptop’s network and internet connection was to set up a second wireless connection with a USB wireless adapter, and connect the scanner to that in Host mode, but that uses up USB port.

POP3 can only works with 5Ghz WiFi adapter. It will not run on 2.4Ghz too slow .

You can only connect 1 scanner at the time to Reco Scan 5 , if both are running on WiFi at the same time, there will be a conflict and Revo Scan 5 will not connect any of them .

This also means that nobody actually can hack your POP3 while you use it and connect to your system , it don’t really use any type of Internet to exange data flows and the only data it exange is between Revo Scan and the scanner itself and allows only one connection at a time anyway.

Well at least you made it works in your case .

I use 2 WiFi adapters on my home system , one for Internet and one just for my scanners in host mode.