Can't USB connect Mini 2 on PCs with Revo Scan

Revopoint Mini 2 advanced edition
serial : A23A-XXXXXXXXX

I have just received the Revopoint Mini 2 advanced edition.
I have updated Revo Scan to: RevoScan5-

Connected to PC with USB Type A to Type C cable

The scanner LED lights up green,
But the scanner is not recognized in Revo Scan,
message “scanner disconnected”.

I disconnected and reconnected, tried the other 3 USB ports,
also tried the type C to thunderbolt adapter

switched the PC off and on again, without success

Tested on 2 differents PC with USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.1 and on thunderbolt with usb-c adapter.

(note : previously Revo Scan worked perfectly with Mini 1)

Note : Mini 2 works on wifi perfectly, but I want use USB.


Hello @Mathieu

I’m sorry to hear that.

We’ll get this back to the dev team and test to see what the issue is and get back to you!

Ok thank you. I wait

Possible bug RevoScan5- ou USB cable ?

Hi @Mathieu

Can you please send this question to our customer service email at They will handle it centrally.

Alternatively, you can provide me with your email address, and I will have them contact you.

Hi @Mathieu please try the split cable and power it separately or even connect both cable to your PC and test out if connection works fine , if it is working , it means there is issue with powering Mini 2 via one USB cable .

We are currently also experiencing this but for the MINI and the Pop2 instead. Uninstalling 5.4.3 and reinstalling an older version of the software did not fix it for us.

hi @alhendrix96

Please contact for future assistance and technical hardware support .

Ok, like I read in other post,
I plugged the 2-in-1 Mobile Cable on PC and power bank, and it works.

i replugged the standard USB cable and it works now.

problem solved

Hi @Mathieu

Glad to hear it! Can I ask which post solved your problem? I think it could give us some clues .

Glad to hear that, it works always in my case . Next time you have an issue just use the split cable .
It is actually the system issue that do not use the proper USB driver in UVC connection mode .

I too just received the scanner and i have to connect both the usb cable and the c connection as well?

So now we have to use 2 cables?

Just connect the white cable that came with the scanner , change the USB mode under settings to Transfer mode to import your projects to computer .

Where you got the idea of 2 cables ? There is only one USB port C .

Do not connect using the black turntable cable , it is only for power the turntable , no data cable .

You can also use WiFi to import your projects without any cables .

My mistake. I did accidently grab the wrong cable. There is no white cable in my kit but I did find the correct cable and am up and running.


Sorry mixed the cable with MIRACO cable
You use Mini 2 right ?
Anyway glad to hear it worked for you !
The split cable works best for best performance especially on laptop of PC .

Yes i just received the mini 2. I was using the mini but am already seeing a big difference using the mini 2.