Suggestion for the next Revo Scan software update - Auto Hole Fill

I’ve been using my Mini 2 for several months, scanning individual dolphin bones. Sometimes when I hit the ‘Fill Holes’ button, Revoscan will indicate that there are holes, but (for the life of me) I can’t find them. I’ll look and look, enlarge the scan, but I am sometimes unable to find the green dot identifying a hole. Perhaps the software engineers at Revopoint could put an option into the ‘Fill Holes’ process to simply allow us to hit a button and have Revo Scan automatically fill each hole that it detects. This would be very useful in those instances where the holes are very small and hidden in some nook and cranny of our scanned object.

Hi @joearena99

Now RevoScan has this feature. Detect the holes you want to fill, then select the “select all” tool and click apply to fill all the holes.

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Hi @joearena99 you can use lasso and select all the scan holes at once , not need to click each hole separately to select … I guess that what you looking for ? just detect the holes and use lasso to select them all and apply to close the holes.

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