Suggestion for Mesh Conversion to Quads

I would like to propose an enhancement to our forum that would enable the conversion of network structures from scans into quad meshes (as option). This feature could provide significant added value to our users, particularly in the field of reverse engineering.

The reason for making this proposal is the existence of an open-source program that could serve as the foundation for this feature. This program is called “Instant Meshes,” and its source code can be found at the following link: GitHub - wjakob/instant-meshes: Interactive field-aligned mesh generator.

To illustrate the significance of this proposal, I have prepared a before-and-after example. In this comparison, you can see the results of converting a Revopoint scan’s network structure:


One significant advantage of this feature lies in the realm of reverse engineering. By converting network structures into quad meshes, users can perform edits and modifications to scans more efficiently and precisely. This is particularly useful for replicating products, optimizing existing models, or offering creative design flexibility.

I think this is a really good suggestion

I used Instant Meshes a lot, but at some point found that it lost too much detail.
Another free program ZBrush Core Mini and the Decimation Master function, lets you keep all the detail and also gives a acceptable file size, allowing it to be used in CAD programs.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll test that. I just thought it would be practical since it is already open source and you can use the code like that.

I use Instant Meshes frequently. Have a look in my Miraco showcase thread for examples and workflow of using it. Andy - Beta MIRACO Showcases of Bones, Shells, Art, Design, Modifications
I agree, it would be great to have it in Revoscan.

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I use Zbrush … and my plugin doing the perfect job … without losing any details …

I believe old version of Zbrush used the same video from that creators in the past