Triangles to Quads

What software do you use to convert from triangles to quads in your meshes, I’ll be honest, preferably free. I think there is a paid add on for Fusion which I’d be tempted to use if I had to spend money.

Also is this something Revopoint would ever think about adding to that Revoscan Software?

Instant Meshes. It’s free and works perfectly.
See my guide here: From scan to CAD. Two ways using MIRACO


Instant Meshes here too

What are the advantages of having quads instead of triangles?

“Quads” does not only mean there are four-sided polygons but usually this means also having an edge-flow based on loops. Such a grid-like structure is necessary to enhance the object further (cut, unwrap, deform, …). I do this retopology in 3dsMax, as I have a licensed version here.

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Many CAD application can convert quads in to an editable solid. They struggle with triangles.

Quads are very usable if you want to edit it, create new UVs, modeling , remodeling , unbiased animated model rendering , animation , rigging , material groups and many others … more organized and easy to work with . 3D modelers would prefer quads over triangles and 100% when model is used for rigging in animation .

Triangles are not much usable in my pipeline unless it is some static prop in a background .or used for reverse engineering.

Hi Gary,

Yes, the requirement of “applying quads in mesh” will be technically evaluated for product planning.


Thank you all for your responses,

@Rilot I did see that in your post, and will be looking at how to use it, I see you get good results.

@Revopoint-Jane it’s great to hear it taken on board, thank you, let’s hope it’s something viable for the future.