Quad-Mesh Quality Test: User Feedback and Comparison

Hello, everyone,

In response to user feedback, our R&D department has started examining how to best implement an option for quad meshes.

We’ve got some examples we’d like you guys to look at. Please share your opinions or suggestions about the quality of our quad-mesh test.

For reference, the pictures on the left are meshed with triangles, while the ones on the right are quads.


The quads give a significantly cleaner output IMHO.

Yes please just as an additional export option and not as a replacement for main triangles in the workflow .

Why ? Because 250K of triangles can holds 10 times more details ( and accuracy ) than 250K of quads .

Exported quads will not hold the proper accuracy or precision , smooth of the surface is cool for the eyes to look at but will be worthless in reverse engineering because I know the exported size will be not equal to the proper size to hold on to the original volume/details/accuracy/precision