Suggestion for a specific worflow

Hello there.
Sorry, I am a new user so I hope my question could make sense.
I am trying to acquire models with many details and texture… but I can’t. :slight_smile:
Of course it would be my fault, but please, help me.

For example, if I merge two different meshes together in Handy studio, I do not find a way to export the texture information.
If I want to save a .obj (for example) model with textures, is it possible to do it in handy studio or only in handy scan?
Thank you!

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I haven’t done this in OBJ, just PLY (STL doesn’t support Point Clouds).

Try it in this order:

  1. In Handy Scan, scan object with Color mode active.
  2. Mesh
  3. Export in PLY.
  4. Repeat for each object to be merged.
  5. In Handy Studio, select Merge mode, load files into #1 & #2 in order to Align and Merge two objects and export as PLY (exporting is a safety mechanism in case something goes wrong so you won’t have to repeat all your work).
  6. Bring in additional objects as file #2 for subsequent alignment and merging.
  7. Export as PLY with a new file name (I use incremental numbers to tell me which have been merged).
  8. After all the component objects have been merged, switch over to Process mode, Mesh and, if you need to, edit the object.
  9. Export as PLY (again, as a safety mechanism).
  10. Export as OBJ. This should give you the file you want.

Hi @JeffLindstrom and thank you very much for your kind answer.
I did exactly all the same steps up to no.6. Then I meshed the final object (without saving as PLY first), and then exported as OBJ. No texture.
But I will be more than happy to test your suggestion… really appreciated!
I will let you know.

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Which files were created when you exported to OBJ?

This may be a silly question, but you did set the Color option in the mode popup menu, right?

Also, you could try exporting in PLY, opening that in MeshLab, then exporting that as an OBJ file to see if you get textures.

only the obj… no additional files…

THere are no silly questions… only stupid answers! :slight_smile:
Jokes apart, yes, I set the color option

There should be additional files beyond the [filename]_mesh_tex.obj. There should be two files with the same base name, but different suffixes: [filename]_mesh_tex.mtl and [filename]_mesh_tex.jpg with the latter being the texture image.