Can't STL Export on Mac?


Where is the option to export as stl? I can only see obj and ply in Studio. I’m using Mac.


After filling mesh holes in Studio i could export as stl.

I am trying to scan faces like in the ad, are there any good step by step tutorials?


STL does not support Point Clouds (what you have after the Fuse operation).

You have to Mesh the scan in order to export as STL.

You might consider exporting from Revo Scan as PLY (a more advanced format) in order to edit it, then create the Mesh that will support your STL requirements.

You can use both OBJ or PLY as both are advanced rich formats with the same level of data .
PLA file extension is not always readable in all software , OBJ is most common format the reason both include all data information including color per vertex data .

Thanks - that was my next question :slight_smile:

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