Successful person bust scan


i scaned my wife an i think it turned out great. After some issues with the shirt and her hair on the back side i put some of the reflectormarks on the shirt an her hair - it worked like a charm



Thanks for posting. Looks great!

It would be good to hear more about the method used. Did you walk around? How fast, etc.



in preparation, I put a few of the reflection markers on her chest, back and shoulders.

She is sitting on a swivel chair without a backrest, facing me.

Then I start the scan on the face with slow, circular movements. When the face including the ears has been recorded, I slowly go down until I get to the first registration markers.

Next, she slowly turns the chair 90 degrees until the markers on her shoulder are recorded. Now I slowly scan up to the top of the head and back to the shoulder and make sure that the face is not scanned again.

Then turn 90 degrees again to the markers on the back, etc.

I hope this is understandable and helpful.

best regards


Were you using a desktop computer, laptop or a phone?

a window 10 desktop computer (i7, 16GB Ram, GTX1070, m2 ssd)


Hi, very nice thanks for the inf. Q, Did you use face or body, what about lightighting. All this work you did was with the PC.
good work.

Thanks for this picture of the results,

It’s awesomely cool :sunglasses:


Thank you very much to share, Beautiful and detailed scan! It’s very helpful to know.
Which scan setting method do you use (Face, body, marker, feature, gain and exposure)?
I try to practice with “face” option, but don’t catching the hair.

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Thank you all.

No special lighting conditions. Except for direct sunlight. I used the body mode. On the back I also stuck 4-5 markers in the hair. The back was actually the most difficult, but it worked great with the marker ‘trick’.

Oh, light to 10 and gain to 3 on the depth camera. As far as I know, the normal camera does not play a role if no texture is to be recorded.


Looks great; nice job!

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Thanks for all the info - really helpful.

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I apologize that it is not directly related to the scanner, but maybe someone will be interested in how I used it (printed with Anycubic Photon Mono X):



You are not going to apologize anyway because you are sharing superb quality impressions from the 3d scans that you made!

It shows people the possibilities of Pop !.

Big thank you for your sharing and have a nice day

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Wouldn’t it be easier to have a chair that rotates? Similar to the barbershop kind of chair?
In addition why do you need to use the reflection markers? does your wife ware a cloth in shiny or black?
if to scan a aluminum car wheels,how many piece need ? and can we buy in Poland or buy from UK or FRANCE ?

Yes, we’ve use a chair that rotates.

I needed th reflection marks, because i allways lost track when turned to the back - and yes, she weared a black shirt.

As for the number: I’ve always tried to have three markers in the camera section and that worked fine. Go less, too. How many there are actually depends on the distance from the camera to the object. For the upper body I used around 20-25.

Best regards

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ops… it seems I need to prepare more reflective markers… I try to figure out on amazon to see. …also
I will shock my friends in France and UK to see how much it cost on amazon …thanks,folks… NICE STUFF POP you are working,game changer in the world, you bring us happy :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff and thanks for sharing the details on your very successful process!

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Ottima scelta stampare in resina.
Io ho la photon, ma spero di prendere la mono X anch’io

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