Beards Are possible!

Already did before pretty good scan of my head, but there’s always a better and more!! So here’s my newest scan:

Used a lot of styling gel, the more solid the beard is, the better. And to make it easier on my scanner, I used white temporary haircolor.
Turn the scanner sideway for longer object like my beard. Scanner is loosing less tracking.
Took more than 2200 frames, but I just wanted to make sure.


Hi @Mary.Poppins,

Thank you for sharing this nice scan result! The details of beards are so clear. :+1:

Best Regards

Not sure what you did here to make this possible. My beard (and hair) is naturally white/very light gray, but beard and hair still don’t scan properly. So you “solidified” your beard (and hair?) with lots of gel? Doesn’t that make everything shiny, thus even harder to scan?

Already did a quite good scan just with temporary white hairspray. And this time, i added hairgel. Probably could had used less of both, but wanted to be sure. Plus, some parts i adjusted the the brightness in the app, so I’ll get the darker spots too. It’s a lot for a scan, but love the results, so worth it. Really curious about the POP 2. as soon i have mine, I’ll repeat the whole procedure for comparison


So, how did you scan? Selfie-style, thus holding the scanner in your hand and move it around, kind like a hand-mirror? Or did you use some kind of help, like a tripod and/or turntable? Or someone else did the scan?
I tried so often already, with different versions of the software and firmware, and also with several different computers (windows and android), but I can’t get a decent scan that might count as more as a “proof of concept”. When I have the time, I’ll put together some contraption like tripod and swivel chair or something and try again.

Will make a video about it. Use a desk and a chair without lean, the one you mentioned. Explained it a bit better in the official Revopoint Facebook group

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I think you should stay with this look all the time. Nice work on the scan.