Full body scan in 5 min 🥰

This is my first full body scan of my daughter :wink:
It was made in 5min , because she didn’t want to do it :rofl:
Really satisfied with the result, no post treatment with an other software.


Hi @Seb

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And thank you so much for sharing this excellent scan result here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great job, really impressive!

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can you describe what device you used and how you made this nice scan? Can you describe everything as talking to those who know nothing?

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Hi @stebo

Since @Seb shared this result in the Facebook Group, he had replied some comments. Therefore, I can try to tell you what I know about this scan result.

  1. This is @Seb 's First full body scan mode of my daughter with Pc on usb mode. He has done this on a hold i5 laptop with 4gb ram and poor graphic card.
  2. How did he scan the hair? ---- black air, nothing special, just body scan mode, standard settings
  3. “I’ve seen some shifts during the scan, but after the calculation in handy scan, all was fine, some holes repaired, some parts missed during the scan under the arms but closed as well.”
  4. “just with the automatic reconstruction surface on handy scan”
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Very impressive ! cracking result :open_mouth:

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I’ve used the pop with the latest firmware with USB cable and an hold laptop (i5 with 4gb ram)
For the handyscan software, I’ve used the body mode , no other settings, no color.
After scan made, just let the software doing the reconstruction. And I’ve cut the wall with mexhmixer.
Good scan !


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Thanks Cassie :wink: right !

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Did you just wall around her?

This is really a good result of the scan, as well as the printed version. Nice work :+1:

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That is a fantastic scan! Glad she could stand still for that long. lol


Hi, yes , just walk around slowly.