Store partial scans and use later for completion

I need to split parts of a scan and store them. To be able to combine them one-to-one with RevoStudio or CloudCompare. But RevoStudio can select but can not store this. Any suggestion?

PS: a rescan is not possible in this case, the object is too far away now.

you need to select everything but one and remove the rest , then save it, load again the original scan and do another one until you have all parts saved separately.

You can’t save just selection , it is a whole scan not multiple objects . You can do that the same in Cloud Compare .

@PUTV I did hope to do in a logical way: store what is selected. If I can select and delete, I might store it too. But what tool would can do so?
Thanks for your quick reaction.

If RevoStudio can not store any selected part of the cloud, a button ‘‘inverse selection’’ could do the job. Right? Delete the inverted selection and store the file.
Then step back, delete the original selection. And choose the next selection. Repeat.
@Cassie : could such an option be added in the right field?

If you can reliably select one portion over another, then do as PUTV described and remove everything but the one thing before saving it with a unique name, then reload the original and remove everything except another thing before saving it with another unique name.

Granted, this is a bit more effort than saving a selected region and then saving another selected region. While it is possible that Revopoint will add this capability to Revo Studio, you may have to wait awhile.

I can do it with TurboCAD (my Mechanical CAD software), which also has more advanced methods for separating regions. There are even free CAD software packages, but I don’t know if any of them can do what you want.

I know but no one program for 3D I use do that .

Revo Studio will not store/save any selected parts without first deleting other parts , so don’t expect any changes in this direction. Reverse selection would be a good additional option for the removing tool.

you will still do exactly the same job you do right now , select, reverse, remove, save, undo, select , reverse, delete, undo etc etc … just without the reverse.

Like @PUTV said, highly advisable to use freeware cloudcompare for that. Fast and easy. Also for other tasks!

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