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Scanned object, but i see selection tool is related to direction.
Let say i see in point cloud what i want to delete, i try to select them i cant, i need to rotate camera to point direction, then i can select and delete.
If this is by design fine, but then how to delete these points as it is from other direction, if i select view to that direction i don`t see points because of density of them…

Use the Tools to clean lose and hard to reach points

Or switch to more advanced Cloud Compare free software to clean the points and noises with a 1 click . Then return back to Revo Studio for Meshing

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I was just in progress of making copy for a new mold

sometimes you just over scan things too much and can’t help , what results in too many lose points .
so what I did in couple of minutes

got some overlapped points that need to be cleaned , exported as obj and fuse.ply

  1. Imported to Cloud Compare for Cleaning in seconds
    First clean

Second Clean

  1. Exported my clean point cloud to mesh in Revo Studio and meshed at Level4 ( meshing levels in Revo Studio do not correspond with the level of meshing in Revo Scan , level 4 in Studio is Level 5 in Revo Scan etc

  2. Ready

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i have followed your tutorial it is superb.
Regarding poisson recon plugin - i need to work with it as it created too bumpy surface.
Cloud compare looks very powerful, but poor interface software.
I like that It does job very well.

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That’s true , objects like yours I prefer to mesh in Revo Studio and use denoiser after ( not geometry smoothing), if you get too noisy surface in CC lower the settings under Poisson Recon plugin …it is more of a trial and error , but usually between 8-9 do the trick.
Having too high level of meshing not always bring desired results or more details , after all you can’t bring more details than the point cloud offers you in the first place .

Meshing at higher level in Revo Studio like 5-6 then use denoiser will do the trick after you cleaned it in CC.

Thank you again for your time answering. From my side one question related to accuracy. Maybe you can point to CC or any other tool to measure object between features, points or diameter, length etc. ? As i need to check that.

in CC is the easy way

Screenshot 2022-12-20 161634

The distance is in unit so based on the units of your scan what will be in mm
and it is pretty accurate .

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Just for visual reference …
Picking points is better as you don’t deal with the noise surface after meshing that can add some extra sometimes.

I made part with ±0.1 tolerance after printing, that is way too good.
Thanks You and Revopoint team!

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You more than welcome , happy to hear that @kia133

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Unchecked this for all directions.


Yes if unchecked all points will be selected , top and bottom on all angle .

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