Combining 3d scans from multiple scanners


I was thinking of the possibility of combining multiple scans from at least 2 deferent scanners.
For example: scanning a large object with POP 2 and some fine detailed parts with MINI and combine both files to a single scan.

some other brands has this feature, but the price is very high for a hobbyist.

Any thoughts?

This can be done easily. Instead of exporting meshes from Revo Scan, I would export the point clouds and combine them using CloudCompare. Then, mesh the combined point cloud in MeshLab.


You can do that , however you will have a chance to get a lines between the 2 scans due to a different density of the scans and accuracy , so Cloud Compare would be your friend here .

Revo Studio stitching scans from different accuracy not so good .

You will also have some troubles finding matching references points for merging , since low resolution will have it less compared to higher accuracy mesh .

Can be done ? Yes sure , but will request some work

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I did a test by combining POP1 and MINI scans
Below is the post:

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Yes you did great job Davide , but as I stated early , you need other better programs for that and little 3D skills , Revo Studio is not enough to process it , different scanners have different accuracy and resolution and they not always fit perfectly to each other without visible seams on the model , especially if the model don’t have as much details on its own .

The best after all is to scan the object with the same scanner but using lower pitch point fusing , it will keep the accuracy intact .
When we talk about objects that are not a relief, it is completely different approach , a body scanned with POP2 will never match a head scanned with MINI without visible seams between the 2 scanners .

Even scans done with MINI at 10 cm distance fused with objects scanned at 20 cm distance still produces seam when using Revo Studio … so it is really a stuff that not always works . Not for all scanned objects and not when using just Revo Studio .

It is not just so simple workflow as it sounds …

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This is amazing @dfodaro and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Even when it’s not straightforward as @PUTV said, but still doable.

Now, how about a scan from a Revopoint scanner and a another scan with a deferent brand scanner? would the process still be the same?

It depends of your 3D skills and the accuracy of both scanners .
How closer the accuracy how better results and less work around .
And of course depends of what are you merging together .

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