Deselecting in Revo Studio

Before I can merge my scans together some parts need to be deleted. Easy enough to select but what about deselecting with the mouse? The only option is to deselect all. Most other programs will let you hold a key like Ctrl or Alt to subtract from the selection. There are plenty of times when I’m precisely selecting something and accidentally get the wrong area. I hate starting all over every time. Am I missing something?

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Yeah, not as flexible as desired. My only suggestion is the Undo/Redo arrows at the upper left.

Did you try CloudCompare? It is free and great for such tasks!

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@Philnolan3d I hate when this happens, I was doing some tutorial yesterday with precise selection and had to start over again for 2 times in a row …

As Ivan stated already get yourself free Cloud Compare software, much more advanced , great registrations of point cloud , you can always bring the point cloud back for meshing in Studio , it is worthy trying .
I have couple videos about on my YT channel just click on my icon for a link

Oh I see. I misunderstood how Cloud Compare would have anything to do with deleting sections.

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Hi, i have just looked for a solution to DEselect points. I expected to have some kind of modifier key, to use the selection tools for deselection as well. It would be very powerful to select/deselect astray points in the point cloud for cleanup. Please add this feature, as well as some keybindings for the selection tools.


The only option I can suggest now is to invert the selection, add to the selection, invert again, and hit delete.