Revo Scan 5.X No unselect! and some other feature ideas from a nubie

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered a functionality gap within the Revoscan software that I believe needs attention. As a new user, I initially thought I might be doing something wrong, but it appears there is currently no way to unselect individual points when cleaning up a point cloud without deselecting the entire selection. This issue struck me as an essential feature that’s currently missing. Allow me to explain why this is crucial, drawing from my experience in CAD, Ergonomics, and Industrial design.

While my initial scans show promise, they suffer from a significant amount of noise. I understand that my scanning technique will improve over time, reducing this noise. However, the real challenge arises during the mesh fine-tuning stage after the fusion process. Selecting specific areas for deletion without accidentally selecting unwanted regions (see attached image) can be frustrating and time-consuming. The workaround of inverting the selection and reselecting the areas you want to keep, then inverting the selection again, is suboptimal and lacks a dedicated hotkey for inverting the selection.

As a new user, I’d like to propose a few suggestions for features that could greatly enhance the software in the next release. If any of these features already exist, please accept my apologies for any redundancy:

Deselection Wand Shortcut: Implement a shortcut key (e.g., CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, or SPACE) that toggles the selection wand into a deselection wand mode. This should be a quick transition, similar to the quick mask feature in Photoshop, allowing users to effortlessly deselect points.

Selective Distance Tool: Introduce a selection tool that operates in reverse to the isolation tool. For instance, users could set a distance parameter (X), click on a point or part of a mesh, and the software would automatically select all points within that specified distance branching out until there are no more points withing that distance. This would significantly expedite the process of cleaning up stray clusters that are near to body you want to keep.

Symmetry/Mirror Tool for Fused Models: Create a symmetry/mirror tool for fused models that enables users to align a symmetry plane with their mesh data. This tool should allow users to trim one side of the mesh and automatically mirror the other side on that plane in real time. This feature is particularly valuable when scanning symmetrical objects, such as eyeglasses, where you could scan one side and mirror it, saving both time and effort.

Zero-Point Alignment Tool: Develop a tool akin to the “align object” feature in merge settings that aligns the entire scan to a zero point in 3D space. While this can be accomplished in CAD packages like Solidworks, having it as a native feature in our software would streamline the data import process and enhance user experience. This feature would work in conjunction with the Symmetry/Mirror Tool. It would also mean that each scan would have a zero point in 3d world space which is also helpful in alignment.

Thank you for considering these suggestions. I believe that implementing these features would greatly improve our software’s usability and efficiency. I look forward to your feedback and the potential inclusion of these enhancements in future releases.