Step by first step pop 2 scanning and calibrating…

In Februari this year I received my Pop2. Apart from an ill-fated short attempt at scanning, I just was too busy (I’m an artist working in the art photography field) with my art work to try any more scans. Now a friend, a jewelry designer askef me if I could scan some of his jewelry and turn into usable 3d images. So now I can’t postpone diving in any more. I’m looking for recommendations for a step by step hands on guide and tips for scanning jewelry, rings, bracelets and necklaces.
any help is much appreciated. I use a dedicated Windows laptop for scans and have a powerful desktop for further editing.
So I started calibrating, and I dont managed to get beyond step 13 in the calibrating process……
Drives me nuts….

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I was able to get past that step by moving the scanner very slowly over the calibration board while holding it as vertical as I could.

What was the lighting setup when you tried the calibration process?

Holding the board of the camera vertical? The lighting was just random indoor Led lighting….

Hold the POP 2 vertical so that its front face is pointed straight down and parallel to the ground.

I’ve tried to calibrate my scanner 5 times so far, but when I get to the point where the board sits at an angle to the ground, I can get the first couple of big dots scanned, but then the scanner image starts to jump and won’t align with the big dots anymore, and I feel like I just have to start over, as it must have had a problem with a prior scan or something.
However, I have no idea why it does this, or if there was ever a problem with any of the scans. Do I have a bad scanner, what can I do to get this to line up with the big dots when the image all of a sudden jumps to one side of the board?
Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I managed to figure out to finally get mine to calibrate:

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Update: after reading some topics here I adapted a former anglepoise lamp to act as tripod and added (temporarily) my Petzl headlamp to it for lighting. I ordered another head lamp to permanently fix it under the scanner

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