POP2 - Clear Scan Problem

I have had my POP2 for a while now, and have not had success at all with it. I purchased it as a tool for my students to use, and most times it has become a point of frustration after many unsuccessful scans.

I have tried hand scanning, I purchased the turn table, in the hopes of getting a good scan with it. I have tried various light situations, and even setup a 2 point lighting system I use for product photography. Nothing.

Every scan starts off well, then at some point, the plots pivot, and start in a new location of the scan. I tried using a scanning spray, and feature scan, and still get the same issue. Honestly at my wits end with this thing.

I have attached a photo and video.

hi! i don’t see the video you mentioned. but I advise to place some more markers (in random pattern!) around the object if scanning in marker mode or place some additional stuff around that object if scanning in feature mode, that you can remove in the post process. you will have to merge the scans if you have to turn the object to scan other side(s).

you could also print eomething like this if you have a 3d printer.

this forum has a helpful search function. look for “tracking” , “tracking problems”.


Hello! Did you calibrate a scanner? I had problems with tracking and accuracy too before i had calibrate it.

Hi @C3DAR_Lab
It would be good to see the video and actual problem …

As @Eugene3D stated I would recommend to make calibration test to ensure the results are proper … bad calibration can affect marker mode as well .

If you want to skip marker mode just add some small elements around your scanning object it will track it much better

You can print or buy some small cubes and put around the object , later you can remove it after fusing .

And of course make sure you using the last Revo Scan software at least 5.2+ or 5.3+