POP 2 "Auto Align"


I recently got my POP 2 and have had a great time 3D scanning various objects around the house, but I seem to have an issue that I don’t really understand.
When I look at videos of people using the POP 2 to scan the statue that comes with the premium kit they pause the scan in Handy Cam and then when they flip the statue over and continue the scan, the software automatically aligns the continued scan to the statue.

Whenever I try doing this in Revoscan it just “creates” a new statue with a different orientation inside of the original scan. I have tried various different scan modes but I’m not able to see what I am doing wrong and I wasn’t able to find anyone else with a solution.

Does anyone have a solution to this? It seems like it should be straight forward but it just doesnt work for me. I have tried a lot of different lighting and scan modes but nothing seems to work.

Automatic alignment after re-orienting the object requires that you resume scanning on an area that has a significant overlap with the already-scanned area (in my experience, approx. 20% is enough).

It is possible that scanning the new areas will start off with no alignment with the first pass but, after 5-20 seconds, the first scanned area will be aligned with the current scan once you acquire enough overlapping scan data.

As you experiment, the proper workflow that generates results for you will become apparent.


As Jeff said , plus I would recommend you start scanning the statue while it is in a laying position then after 360 degrees pause , put the statue in normal position and continue scanning , the tracking should pick up much faster than you did in reverse option .


Good morning, I was impressed of the help and video you post.
I would ask one thing may be I’m not able to do but
if is possible to have a preview of the file
scanned before open it…
I means when I mesh two scan for me will be the top, when I chose the second scan to see before open the scan to see the preview of the scan…
it will be possible.
many thanks

It is impossible to see the scan before you open it , unless you use windows 3D preview and the mesh is obj . windows Explorer is not a part of Revo Studio

I would recommend you give your scans a proper names for merging the parts so you don’t get lost .

Thanks for the reply, I managed to get it working after some trial and error!

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