Another beginner frustrated by his POP2

POP2, firmware revo scan 5.3.3, 14,4 fps on win 11 via USB 3.2.
What i can/must change to success to scan this piece ?
I don’t understand why i loose tracking when everything seems nominal… :frowning:

Hello! Try to increase the exposure till red colors will be visible at left top screen (small amount of red dots on the surface of a model). If it does not help, try to calibrate the scanner.

It is as @Eugene3D says: set Exposure either manually or set it on “Auto” (activate the tab). If still not satisfactory use some scanning spray (dry shampoo might be enough, too). If it losses tracking I highly advise you to place some small pieces around the object as tracking aid which you can remove in the post processing.

also look into these tutorials:

Hi @JMPlus

Please put on the market plate on the turntable and use marker mode for this kind of scanned objects … also if you put on the marker mode plate , and the dots are not cleary visible while rotation , you may adjust angle or add some environmental lighting , if still nothing is steady you will have to calibrate , this is s test to see how well your calibration works , and well visible markers will tell you if you need calibration or not .

Also not sure , but please don’t use the " hide plate" function if you did , this can create the jumps I see … also never put your objects flat on a turntable always try to elevate it slightly from the flat surface to preserve the edges of scanned objects .

Hard to track objects perform better in marker mode so pls try it first .

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Thanks to you three !
I’ve forgotten to say that with these parameters i’ve scanned without problem the white bust of the box.
It’s why i’m confused to have problems with a piece that seems not harder.
I’ll try with some marker point on the plate first.
Thanks again for all your help.

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Hi @JMPlus

A bust is organic model with lots of features that are random … what you trying to scan is not organic so slightly different approach is needed .

Please follow my tips to determine what works best , there is always solution to everything …

Ivan’s suggestions was also very good :+1:t2:

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