Stabilizer connection issues

I agree with KightWhoSaysNi. This hand stabilizer is not working as advertised.

Windows 11, Stabilizer showing up in blue tooth; connected once and dropped. Fails to connect after that.

I finally got the handheld scanner connected again but the start button does not work. I double tapped the scanner button and the connection dropped again. I am beginning to regret this purchase :frowning:

Hi @TimGS , I moved your post to a new support thread, a representative with check on you . @Revopoint-Jane

In future when you have technical issue please post your thread in place to reply to outdated treads for faster response .

Hi @TimGS

Can you please contact our technical support department at They will help you to figure out your doubts.

Hi @TimGS

Thank you for your suggestion!

We have plans for a feature to “copy” the model, which, if successfully updated, will solve your problem.