Handheld stabilizer from kickstarter

I 've received my Handheld stabilizer but I don’t know if it is broken or I’m not using it correctly.
As directed on the stabilizer itself, I mounted the scanner before trying to turn it on.
I’ve pressed and held down the power button, clicked it many times, plugged in a charger, and nothing happens. doesn’t light up or anything.
Anyone else have this issue? Is it a firmware thing or a faulty device?
The thumb switch doesn’t click to the right, clicks in all other directions. I’m not too bothered about that if it functions if I can get it to turn on :thinking:

Hi! You did everything like in the manual?

Yeah, I did everything like in the manual, and I didn’t even realise that a manual was even released yet :upside_down_face:
I must of gotten a duff one :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

:confused: Sorry to hear that. Maybe and I hope revopoint customer service can help you make it work or replace it. They are fast in helping out.